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Permanent Treatment of Allergy of eyes in Jaipur, India

Allergy of eyes is not at all a severe disease if the treatment is done at time. The only need is to identify the symptoms and get it treated by a reliable doctor. Allergy of eyes may be cause due to the pollen, grass, dust, weeds, Pet

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Now Migraine treatment by Ayurveda is available in India

How common we heard of people saying- “I die out of migraine pain” First we should talk about what is migraine? It is resulted due to prolonged neurological disorder and last to unbearable headache. There are some symptoms that can be parallel suffered by patients due to

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Treatment of Dry eyes disease in India with Ayurveda

Do you have irritation in your eyes? Are your eyes burning while working on the computer screen? Then you might have possibility of suffering from Dry eyes eye disease. Dry eye Syndrome is also referred as “Computer Eye Syndrome”. This problem is mostly occur in the people

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Diabetic Retinopathy cure is available in India without surgery.

In this disease the sufferer has adverse effect of diabetes on eyes. This disease is of dangerous nature that can cause damaged to the blood vessels of eyes that are too sensitive to light and are positioned at the retina’s rear end. How is the Diabetic retinopathy

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Effective treatment of Cataract in India

Cataract is a very common eye disease. It develops due to the formation of thick protein layer over the lens of eye. Cataract makes the eye lens cloudy & makes it difficult to see any image clearly. Cataract can be commonly seen in people who are suffering

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