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Treatment of Osteoarthritis in India through Ayurveda

What is the general identity of Osteoarthritis? In general terms, this disease is referred to as “Vayu Vikar” or “Bai”. But the basic cause is said to be the Vata dosha. Do you really feel that Ayurvedic treatment can cure this problem? Although we are the best

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Treatment of Paralysis

Paralysis can be termed as complete muscle function loss for one or more of the muscle groups. It can result in loss of mobility of felling in the area that is affected by paralysis. It is important to note that as a result of the interruption of

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How to find the best place for paralysis treatment in Jaipur?

How to find the best place for paralysis treatment in Jaipur?

The medical condition of paralysis can be defined as the complete impairment or loss of the ability of using the voluntary muscle which is generally the result of some disorder in the nervous system. Paralysis can be of different types like paralysis of one side that is

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A step towards recovery of depression through ayurveda treatment

When is the time to take a step forward for Depression treatment in Ayurveda? Depression in general terms is a sense of feeling low and sad since few days. Some or the other times we undergo the situation of being low. However it is different than being

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Treatment of eye diseases by experts: Know facts about it here

The most significant organs in our human body are the eyes and the magnificent reward is vision. Prior to this many of us ignore the value of eye care and do not take proper care of it. Instructions for Vision care, Eye beauty and Eye health care

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Best Eye Treatment in Jaipur by Experts doctors

The eyes are the most delicate organ in our human body through which we can see. Small particles can create a huge amount of discomfort, different problems like eye pain and redness in your eyes can affect your foresight which requires medical attention. Some common eye problems

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Treatment of Retinitis Pigmentosa With Ayurveda

The disease of Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) is actually a group of autosomal dominant and inherited disorders which can be characterized by night blindness and peripheral and progressive loss of vision. The ultimate result of this medical disorder is loss of central vision. Some of the common symptoms

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Signs And Symptoms of Dry Eyes

Are you experiencing the problem of dry eyes? This situation can prove quite troublesome. Easiest tasks like watching television programs and reading books can be disrupted because of it. In case it is left untreated then it can be the cause of various problems. Read the information

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Herbal Ayurvedic Treatment For Retinitis Pigmentosa

Today, the problem of Retinitis Pigmentosa is very common among people. There could be various reasons for this problem but the mainly it is a hereditary disease which is transferred from one generation to another. Being quite a complex disease, most of the people believe that it

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Prakash Nethralaya & Panchkarma Kendra

A Destination Of Trust And Responsibility… With a vision to give vision Prakash Nethralaya & Panchkarma Kendra celebrated its anniversary. Behind our success lies the meticulous and selfless efforts of our doctors. On this auspicious occasion we would like to thank our patients and their families for

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