Try loving your Body and keep it fit through Ayurveda

Miraculous appreciation, this is the subject of today’s meditation. It comes up with gratefulness towards the body because it is only due to this body that we are able to experience life along with its numerous gifts. This is a general tendency of a human being to take his/her body for granted if he/she is blessed with a naturally sound health. He/she generally do not pay much attention or in fact they does not realize what a miracle it is to see the different colors of a landscape, to enjoy a mouth-watering meal, hold the hand of your beloved, listen to the favorite tune etc. If we ponder upon the words of Lord Buddha, we will realize that :

“Your body is precious. It is your vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.”

Eat for Your Mind-Body Type

If you talk about Ayurveda, there are basically three types of doshas. Also it is important to note that the food type that may prove to be useful for the body depends on the dosha of the individual. It is not essential that the food that keeps one person is the state of balance or keeps him fit may also prove to be good having different dosha.

It is only with the help of doshas that we are able to know how some people can still feel fine after eating a very spicy and hot meal; at the same time if some other people eat the same meal they may have to face indigestion or heartburn.

A different metabolism controls every dosha that ultimately effects on how the body takes and processes the food we eat. Two different individuals, having same energy levels and eating the same food, may have different look and feel. Doshas are quite variant in accordance with the abilities they have. For instance, one type of dosha may be able to handle a heavier type of food naturally, while some other dosha may be more comfortable with the lighter foodstuffs. It will be much easier for you to keep your body in balance if the food you intake in according to your mind-body type.

If you want to know about what type of mind-body do you have, then know your body constitution here.

Note : Try including six types of tastes in each meal you intake.

According to Ayurveda, the food that we eat is divided into six groups and this division is done on the basis of taste and their consequence on human body. Sweet, salty, sour, bitter, pungent and astringent are the six basic tastes, which, when included in our diet, makes our body feel satisfied in very less amount than usual. And when the body is fully satisfied, it gets relaxed and stops giving signals about demanding more food. And thus the thirst of our body starts vanishing.



To learn more about the six tastes required by our body, visit Prakash Nethralaya and Panchakarma Kendra.

As stated earlier, the meditation helps in keeping the mind relaxed and tends to take it away from the busy traffic of thought to the very peaceful and still inner atmosphere. An intense feeling of relaxation can be experienced, after doing meditation which also helps in dissolving the stress and exhaustion. It is scientifically proven that one can experience a steep decrease in the levels of anxiety; low cholesterol levels, lowered blood pressure, lowering depression rates, and even the signs of aging can also be avoided, if one continues to do meditation for a long time. Along with the relaxation given by meditation, try having adequate amount of sleep every day; as sleeping gives a chance to our body to mend and detoxify the daily stress levels. In case of not getting proper sleep, the immune system and digestive system gets disturbed and we may have to face certain disorders regarding our health. Not sleeping properly also accelerates the aging process.

In order to feel energized and balanced, most of us need about eight hours of daily sleep. It is confirmed that you are not getting enough sleep, if you don’t feel refreshed after waking up in the morning. In order to look for a complete restful routine of sleep, contact Dr. Dinesh Sharma by sending an email at:

Give yourself a yoga treatment

To nurture and relax your body and mind and to keep them away from problems, you need to practice yoga on a regular basis. It provides a number of benefits, some of which are considered as greater strength, stronger immune function, relief from stress, improved mood, and increased flexibility and balance in the body.

The yoga we can help our central nervous system to remain balanced and remain relaxed with the release of endorphins which are also known as natural mood-elevating neuron-chemicals.

How to start?

Before starting with the daily self care practice, keep one thing very clear; it is much better to begin with small amount of practices. Because it can result into many worse effects if your try to change your entire life style at once. So try being a bit gentle towards yourself, and give what is needed to the body.