Keep your eyes healthy with the ayurvedic eye treatment!

The eyes of human being are considered to be the most sensitive organ in Ayurveda. The five components i.e. Earth, Fire, Air, Water and space play vital role in order to maintain the health of the eyes. According to Ayurveda, the problems in the eyes are caused due to one of the three dosha. You can also say that the bad health of the eyes is caused due to imbalance in the kapha, vata or pita.

Eye problems

Ayurvedic eye treatment is required which is a natural way to treat these imbalances. Improper care of the eyes will lead you to take the help of glasses. The causes of the injured Retinas or blindness are the disorders due to the vata troubles. In case of the vata troubles, the eyes will become dry and the vision will get damaged. You can also experience irritation, red eyes or yellow emission.

Use of ayurveda

There are different treatments for different eye diseases. There are so many herbs that are used here. Some of the natural herbs are coriander leaves, rose, kajal or sandalwood. Triphala eye wash and netra vasti are the ayurvedic eye treatment procedures which are very popular.

In order to heal the eyes, the drops of castor oil in its unpolluted form are also used. Shatavari which is vitamin A rich is also provided. Gooseberry is quite rich in vitamin C is also given to the patients.

Ayurveda care

The protection of the eyes from the chemical substances, inner toxins, sunshine and excess eye staining is very important according to ayurveda. Eyes must be kept away from the heat. It is also advised that hair dryers, cosmetics which are alcohol based and boling water must be kept away from the eyes. The diet must be rich in the antioxidants like vegetables and fruits are advised by ayurveda. Therefore, you must keep a good care of your eyes.