Know about some effective ayurvedic eye treatments

As we all know eyes are very important part of our body. We can’t even imagine our life without our eyes. So, they need to be healthy. Because of the busy schedule we don’t take of our eyes and they start getting ill. Therefore in order to live a happy and brighten life our eyes need some care.

We usually opt for allopathic or homeopathic eye care treatments but these fails to fulfill our expectations. Then a light of ayurvedic eye treatment focus on us. This treatment for our eyes will definitely prove to be effective for us. The ayurvedic eye reatment provides the relief to our eyes without any side effects.

The Ayurveda offers the effective, safe and natural techniques for our eyes. So know about some that will heal your eyes, reduce the eye strain and will also improve the eye vision.

  • Gazing : This technique is applied to the eyes of the patient who is suffering from Glaucoma or any other eye infection. In this treatment the person gaze softly at the sun for ten seconds and with the time he may improve those seconds to twenty and more daily in a continuous way. This grazing ayurvedic eye treatment is recommended only in the early morning when the UV rays do not affect our eyes. This will improve the vision of our eyes and will also clear our mind from the tension, depression and worries.
  • Washing : The triphla tea is used for the eye disorders. It is like a tonic for the eyes that is anti-inflammatory. This is used for the Glaucoma patients, itchy eyes, poor eyesight etc.
  • Oleating : In this an ayurvedic eye treatment, Netra Basti is performed in which the eye sockets are allowed to bathe in the warm ghee. This cleans our eyes, give relief from itching and provide nourishment to the dry eyes.

Apart from the above there are many more ayurvedic eye treatments for your eyes. At Prakash Nethralaya and Panchkarma Kendra you will find more effective eye treatments through Ayurveda and these treatments will prove to be safe and secure for your eyes.