7 Central Serous Retinopathy Causes and Symptoms

Central Serous Retinopathy Causes

The exact central serous retinopathy causes are not known yet, as doctors around the world haven’t unanimously agreed on the possible causes. But a lot of research work has been done on finding the central serous retinopathy causes, on the basis of this research and detailed studies the main central serous retinopathy causes are –

  1. Stress – Stress is one of the main central serous retinopathy cause, stress releases cortisol which is harmful to the body. Stress is found in most of the central serous retinopathy patients.
  2. Age of The Patient – Men between the age of 30-50 are more prone to central serous retinopathy, women and younger males are less likely to develop the disease.
  3. Medications – Any person who is on medications should consult his doctor before taking the treatment as drugs like corticosteroids are proved to be very harmful to the body.
  4. Alcohol Consumption – Alcohol consumption is very harmful to health as it disbalance the functioning of various organ systems and visceral organs. Alcohol has been linked with the causes of many life-threatening diseases.
  5. Tobacco – Use of tobacco should be completely stopped as it causes many complications in the functioning of visceral organs and has been a main contributing factor to many severe diseases.
  6. Medical History of The Patient – Any person who has been affected by obstructive sleep apnea, autoimmune diseases, heart diseases, type A behavior, hyperopia, sleep disturbances, Helicobacter pylori infection, hypertension or is using psychopharmacologic medicines is at high risk of suffering from central serous retinopathy.
  7. Pregnancy – A pregnant woman is at more risk of central serous retinopathy than other women.

Central Serous Retinopathy Symptoms

There are many Central serous retinopathy symptoms that can be easily noticed if these symptoms are noticed on the right time, then chances of full recovery from central serous retinopathy increase. Some of the common central serous retinopathy symptoms are –

  1. Pain in The Eye – A person suffering from central serous retinopathy starts feeling pain in the eye and it is also the most common central serous retinopathy symptom.
  2. Vision Problems – A person affected by CSR starts having a blurred and distorted vision. Due to the damage caused to the retina objects appear out of shape and size.
  3. Gray Spot – In the later stages of the disease grey spot can be seen inside the central vision of the eye and should be seen as a clear sign to consult an eye specialist.
  4. The affected person can’t identify different colors which makes it very difficult to perform routine work.
  5. Twisted Lines – Straight lines appear to be twisted and out of shape which causes confusion in identifying the objects and their distance.
  6. Photophobia – Eyes become very sensitive to light which makes it difficult for the retina to visualize images.
  7. Central serous retinopathy occurs in only one eye of the person at a time. It may be possible that both the eyes of a person gets affected by central serous retinopathy in a different time period.

It may be possible that there are no signs and symptoms visible in an affected person because in some cases the fluid starts building up in different areas of the eye instead of the central part of the retina. So, this vision does not get affected much.

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