A step towards recovery of depression through ayurveda treatment

When is the time to take a step forward for Depression treatment in Ayurveda?

Depression in general terms is a sense of feeling low and sad since few days. Some or the other times we undergo the situation of being low. However it is different than being in depression. As in case of depression, it is in continuation for say months and not just few days.

It is a belief that depression is a kind of trivial rather than not being a legitimate health condition. However it is definitely a wrong perception. Depression is not an illusion but a reality and therefore calls for a proper depression treatment. The best part here is that, there is appropriate Ayurveda support and treatments available that can give you complete recovery.

How to notify if you are having depression?

There are several ways by which this disease affects people and thus the symptoms vary. Few of them include hopelessness and sad feelings, lesser interest in things that you love doing previously, tearful feel etc. Other than this, many people also have the feeling of anxiety.

If we see the physical symptoms of depression then sleeping badly, constantly tired, no appetite, various aches etc. are the major ones.



However the complexity and severity of the symptoms may be different from person to person. The range of symptoms lies between low spirit at its minimum and suicidal feel at its most.

Symptoms for depression in brief to decide for better depression treatment in Ayurveda

Psychological symptoms :
  1. Continuous sadness
  2. Lesser self esteem
  3. Guilt ridden feeling
  4. Tearful feel
  5. Helplessness
  6. Difficulties to reach any decision
  7. Suicidal thoughts
  8. No motivation
Physical symptoms :
  1. Speaking and moving slowly that normal
  2. Variation in weight or appetite
  3. Pains
  4. Constipation
  5. Lesser energy
  6. Irregular sleep
Social Symptoms :
  1. Fall in work efficiency
  2. Being less involved in social events
  3. Difficult situation in family and home

Depression Treatment in Ayurveda

The depression treatment in Ayurveda includes taking treatment, medications or both. The selection of form is on the discretion of ayurveda doctor who first examines your symptoms and thereafter recommends a suitable treatment.

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