Learn how to prevent vision loss in diabetic retinopathy treatment

Diabetic retinopathy is a severe condition that threatens vision. Early treatment and accurate follow-up care of diabetic retinopathy can help you in preventing vision loss and blindness. Treatment for diabetic retinopathy depends on the level of the disease. The objective of any treatment is to slow down or arrest the progression of the disease.

Here are few important points which must be considered to prevent progressive vision in diabetic retinopathy :

  1. Control Blood Sugar Level: Diet has a vital role in your body to resolve the digestive process on a regular basis and decreasing the formation of the toxin. It will also improve your eye vision. It is imperative to keep your blood sugar level in an appropriate range by taking a healthy diet, regularly analyzing your blood sugar levels, regular exercise, and taking Ayurvedic medicines through consultation.
  2. Control your Blood Pressure: Diabetic retinopathy is more like to occur in individuals who suffer from high blood pressure. Treating high blood pressure can affect long-term vision and blood pressure. Controlling blood pressure can lessen the risk of several complications of diabetic retinopathy.
  3. Consult Eye Specialist or Ayurvedic Doctor: Screening for diabetic retinopathy with an Ayurvedic eye specialist will not prevent diabetic eye condition. But it can aid you to avoid vision loss and blindness through early detection and treatment.
  4. Consult an Ophthalmologist: Pressure or pain in the eye, floaters, or new vision loss can be symptoms of severe damage to your retina. The sooner the condition can be treated, the more effective the treatment of diabetic retinopathy will be.
  5. Never Smoke: Smoking can increase health issues faced by people with diabetes i.e. disease of the small blood vessels. Smoking accelerates the development of diabetic retinopathy which can lead to vision loss and blindness.
  6. Ignore Hazardous Activities: Few physical activities may trigger bleeding in the eye through increased pressure. Avoiding these activities can reduce the risk of damage to your sight.
  7. Perform Adequate Exercise: Exercise is effective in keeping blood sugar levels in a target range which reduces the risk of vision damage from diabetic retinopathy condition. Consult your doctor to get advice about what kind of exercise is safe for you.
  8. Sunglasses: People with diabetes are at risk for blindness or vision loss. It is advisable to wear sunglasses that protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays.
  9. Panchkarma: It is a cleansing program that is generally employed and includes massages, herbal therapy, and a lot more. It is possibly followed by yoga and breathing exercises. Herbs and a balanced diet make up the base of diabetic retinopathy treatment.
  10. Ayurvedic Medicines: Ayurveda is an ancient medical science that is suitable for long-term treatments. Ayurvedic medicines are effective in maintaining an internal balance and can adjust their regimen for the individual. Ayurveda herbs are effective in reducing Insulin resistance and enhance insulin sensitivity and hence control sugar levels.

So, consider the above points to prevent progressive vision loss in diabetic retinopathy conditions. Ayurvedic treatment can help you prevent vision loss or blindness in diabetic retinopathy.