(Permanent) Diabetic Retinopathy Cure & 4 (Effective) Home Remedies

Permanent Diabetic Retinopathy Cure

As you know Permanent cure of the diabetic retinopathy disease is possible only through Ayurvedic treatment. Only Ayurveda can cure diabetic retinopathy completely within a few sessions of the treatment.

Ayurveda focuses on the root cause of any disease and tries to remove it from the body, Ayurveda starts the treatment for any disease with detoxification of the body and this process of removing toxins from the body itself cure half of the disease.

Diabetic retinopathy treatment in ayurveda follows a holistic approach that believes all the body parts are connected with each other and well-being or dysfunctioning of one body part or organ can affect other parts.

According to Ayurveda, an imbalance in vata and pitta doshas are responsible for diabetic retinopathy. Ayurveda focuses on creating a balance in the vata and pitta doshas.

The ayurvedic treatment uses ayurvedic medicines and ayurvedic therapies in treating the patient along with yoga, some prevention, and healthy lifestyle practices.

Ayurvedic medicines are made up of medicinal herbs after identifying the right mixture of herbs to treat the disease, these ayurvedic medicines are procured from nature and have a lot of benefits for the body itself.

Ayurvedic therapies also play a significant part in the treatment as different therapies are designed to treat different body parts. In the treatment of diabetic retinopathy, therapies like Thakradhara and Virechanam are used and after a few sessions of the therapies, a person starts experiencing relief.

Ayurveda gives a personalized treatment to the patients based on the diagnosis of their bodies as Ayurveda thinks each individual is different and should be treated according to the needs of the body. Significant improvements can be seen in the vision of the patient after a few days of the treatment and complete recovery will follow soon after.

So in order to get a permanent cure of the disease a person should get ayurvedic treatment for diabetic retinopathy as Ayurveda treats the patient permanently without any side effects through its natural touch and holistic approach.

Diabetic Retinopathy Home Remedies

There are a lot of home remedies available to treat the severe eye condition known as diabetic retinopathy. These diabetic retinopathy home remedies prove useful in the case of emergencies as they are easy and fast to prepare and are much more economical than other treatment options.

The diabetic retinopathy home remedies can provide some temporary relief in the early stages of the disease when the condition is not that much serious, these home remedies should only be treated as an emergency solution and should not be used as a permanent treatment to cure diabetic retinopathy.

As diabetic retinopathy is a very serious and a vision stealing disease which needs special care under the supervision of an eye specialist.

Some of the common diabetic retinopathy home remedies are –

  1. Amla Juice – Amla juice should be taken daily in the morning with an empty stomach as they are high in vitamin C which is very beneficial for eyes.
  2. Bottle gourd juice – Bottle gourd juice is also rich in vitamin C and should be consumed daily in the morning empty stomach.
  3. Sandalwood paste – A patient suffering from diabetic retinopathy should apply sandalwood paste on closed eyelids to get some relief as sandalwood has pain relief and inflammatory treating qualities.
  4. Fenugreek seeds – Fenugreek seeds have many medicinal qualities and can prove useful in the treatment of diabetic retinopathy.