How to get natural treatment of Dry Eyes in India?

Created - 21 Dec 2015Last Modified - 14 Jul 2019

"Eyes" it is not only an important part of human body but also the most beautiful gift given to him by God. There are various kinds of dangerous eye disease and to make your eyes safe from them it s essential to have propeer care of them. We could see this amazing and wonderful world with our eyes only. A dry eye is one of the common eye disorder in which the water of sufferer's eyes get evaporated and the amount of tears production become more than minimum or we can say tears are not produce in the eyes. This conditions lead to the irritation and pain in eyes.

Responsible causes for Dry Eyes

The major cause of dry eyes is evaporation of water from the eyes and not producing of tears. Other than this there main cause there are some more causes which are responsible for the occurrence of the disease. They are as follows :

  • Menopause, the natural aging process.
  • Can cause by the side effects of some particulars medicines and drugs like antihistamines and birth control pills.
  • Those diseases which affect the ability of tear generation are also responsible in causing of dry eyes.
  • The other reason behind causing of this disease is structural issues with eyelids.

Symptoms to recognize dry eyes

There are some common symptoms by which you can recognize tat the person is suffering from the problem of dry eyes.

  • Dryness in eyes
  • Itching in eyes
  • Burning in eyes
  • Not able to cry
  • Redness
  • Pain and irritation in eyes
  • Not able to have good sleep

Dry Eyes Treatment in Ayurveda

There are several ways of treatment, dry eyes treatment in homeopathy, dry eyes treatment in allopathic, etc. But the ayurvedic treatment of dry eyes is the best and side effect free. Instead of going for those treatments where surgery is the last option it is far better to select the dry eyes treatment natural. All the herbs and medicines used in the treatment and panchakarma (therapies) are natural; this is why the ayurvedic treatment is considered as the side effect free. In the process of panchakarma, dry eyes treatment eye drops are used which also made up of natural herbs and oils.

Ayurvedic remedies or home remedies for dry eyes

The remedies suggested in ayurveda for the treatment are generally natural and home based. By adopting these remedies you can get dry eyes treatment at home. The most common and the effective remedies are :

  • Triphala is the most common for curing dry eyes. Used the powder of triphala, it helps to make eye muscles stronger and to improve vision.
  • Triphala can also be used in the form of eye wash.
  • Triphala ghitra can be taken. It is made from the mixture of triphala powder with cow's Ghee.

Where to get authentic ayurvedic treatment for dry eyes in India?

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