Signs And Symptoms of Dry Eyes

Created - 21 Dec 2015Last Modified - 25 Jun 2019

Are you experiencing the problem of dry eyes? This situation can prove quite troublesome. Easiest tasks like watching television programs and reading books can be disrupted because of it. In case it is left untreated then it can be the cause of various problems. Read the information provided below to find out more about this medical ailment.

This problem is experienced by a number of people. It happens when the tear film is disturbed by something. Generally the eyes are covered with a thin tear film so that they remain comfortable. In addition, the film is also responsible for clear vision for complete day. The film has three layers. The innermost layer which is made up of mucus or mucin is actually the thinnest part. The layer is produced by cells of the clear skin or conjunctiva which lines the eyes. The mucus is quite helpful for even spreading of the overlying watery layer on the eyes.

The thickest and largest layer is the middle one. It is a dilute solution of water. The water layer is produced by the tear glands and upper eyelids present under lacrimal glands. The main function of this layer is to keep the eyes comfortable and moist. It is helpful in flushing out the debris, dust and various foreign objects that can enter your eyes. The defects of the aqueous layer are the main reason for the dry eye problem also known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca.

The slim layer of lipids (oils or fat) is the third layer. The oil glands or Zeis glands and the Meibomiam glands present in the eyelids make these lipids. The chief purpose of this layer of lipids is to assist in the minimization of evaporation of the underneath watery layer.

Signs and symptoms of disease of Dry eyes to know the best remedy for dry eyes.

Putting eye drops into dry eyes

A person who is suffering from the problem of dry eye syndrome can face problems like watery or scratchy or gritty feeling in the eyes. Some of the other symptoms are light sensitivity, blurred vision, redness, itching and a sensation of burning. In windy and dry climatic conditions, these symptoms can become worse because of low humidity and higher temperature. Activities demanding prolonged eye use like watching T.V., working on computer and reading books can also worsen the symptoms. Excessive and sporadic training can also be included in the symptoms. Eyes become dry and slightly irritated. During this medical condition, the production of tears will increase significantly in making the blinking comfortable and eyes moist. After some time, eyes become moist again.

Treatment for dry eye with Ayurveda is very beneficial as it is very effective and there will be no risk of any side effect. Triphala Ghee is very helpful in the treatment of this problem. It is a special mixture prepared by formulation of thirteen herbs, ghee and milk. You can get rid of the burning sensation be putting single drop of liquid lukewarm ghee in eyes before bedtime.