Epilepsy and its treatment in India


Epilepsy is the disease which is majorly caused among the infants and the teenagers. It has two types. The first one is Grand Mal and the other one is Petit Mal. It is caused due to the problem caused in the three doshas. Depending upon their dominance, one of the types of epilepsy is caused. The epilepsy treatment in India can be done with the help of Ayurveda which is a safe procedure to cure this disease.

Major cause of Epilepsy

The major causes of epilepsy are given in detail below :

  1. The bad nervous conditions give rise to epilepsy.
  2. The hereditary influences causes Grand Mal. The diseases like typhoid, meningitis, serious shock, brain injury or nervous system injury cause this disease.
  3. Allergic reactions to the food materials can also cause epilepsy.
  4. Epilepsy can be caused due to circulatory disorders, Lead poisoning, Chronic alcoholism, cocaine use and Mental conflict.

Ayurveda treatment of epilepsy in India

In the epilepsy treatment in India, ayurveda plays a major role. Here, the herbs like Brahmi or Bacopa monniera, Shankha Pushpi or Evolvulus alsinoides, Malkagni or Celastrus paniculatus and Jatamansi or Nardastachys jatamansi. Pungent, greasy or fried food in the diet is ignored. Also avoid the intake of pickles, condiments, alcoholic beverages, strong tea & coffee, sugar and sweets. Along with this meditation and yoga is also suggested.

Panchakarma therapies

There are some Panchakarma treatment methods which are also advised here. Internalo herbal medicines like choornams, lehyams, kashayams are considered good for the patients suffereing form epilepsy. The epilepsy ayurvedic treatment procedures also include siro pichu, thalam or siro dhara.

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