How to cure Glaucoma without any side effects.

Created - 21 Dec 2015Last Modified - 14 Jul 2019

Glaucoma can be treated efficiently and naturally in ayurveda. It is a complex and group eye disorder that harms to the optic nerve of patients. The results of glaucoma can cause complete blindness. Proper and timely treatment of the disease is essential to avoid the issue of permanent vision loss. The proper treatment can be ayurveda, because it is the safe and natural the side effect free treatment. The occurrence of diseases is due to the enhanced pressure into the eye which ends the appropriate flow of fluid in the eye, the enhanced pressure in the eye is called as intraocular pressure.

It is vital to know the kind of glaucoma your loving ones are suffering from to get better treatment of it. The three common types of glaucoma are :

  • Angle closure Glaucoma : It is very rare kind of glaucoma in this blockage occurs in the canals inside eye. Angel closure glaucoma also known as narrow angle glaucoma.
  • Open angle glaucoma : This kind of glaucoma occurs due to the stop flow of fluid inside the eye.
  • Normal tension glaucoma : This kind of glaucoma causes due to normal tension and harms the optic nerve.
  • The other reason behind causing of this disease is structural issues with eyelids.

Symptoms that aware you for the occurrence of glaucoma

  • Squinting
  • Watery eye
  • Issues to manage in dark
  • Changes in the color of iris
  • Double vision
  • Problems in focusing large as well as near distant objects
  • Pain inside the eye or around the eyes.
  • Itching
  • Dry eyes
  • Blurred vision

Ayurvedic treatment of Glaucoma in India is the natural and oldest way of treatment. On the occurrence of any of these signs take immediate consultation of doctors.

Glaucoma treatment in ayurveda

Ayurveda treatment allows you complete and the permanent relive from the disease. One can get satisfaction with the ayurveda treatment of glaucoma. If there are any your loved one suffering from glaucoma can live a easy life with the proper vision. To know about the medical camps organised for ayurvedic glaucoma treatment in India at different cities see the calendar.

The best ayurvedic hospital in India for the treatment of Glaucoma

Prakash Nethralaya and Panchakarma Kendra is the only one with the large team of professional ayurvedic doctors. Over hundreds of cases of glaucoma are cured by the team. The medicines used for the glaucoma treatment in ayurveda are 100% natural. Different kinds of therapies are also given for the treatment of glaucoma that is known as Panchakarma. Get acknowledge about different kinds of Panchakarma therapies in ayureda. Glaucoma treatment cost is not too high it is not at all expensive. Prakash Nethralaya and Panchkarma Kendra has cheapest glaucoma treatment cost in India. For more details regarding the ayurvedic treatment of eye diseases in India contact to the hospital. To know more about glaucoma its symptoms and treatment in ayurveda visit: Glaucoma