Symptoms And Treatment Of Menorrhagia


Menorrhagia generally not measured as a disease. It is situation in female body when they have to suffer from heavy flow during menstrual at a definite period of time. During the reproductive age, the condition of menorrhagia is normal but it should keep in mind that heavy loss of blood may cause very harmful.

Causes for Menorrhagia

Ayurveda categorizes Menorrhagia in to the excess of Pitta Doshas in body with small Vata Dosha. Therefore, the causes according to it are as follows :

  • Digestive disorder : It includes improper diet and not enough water in body. If you continue to eat more and more without digesting the earlier food then you may have to suffer from digestive problems.
  • Sour and spicy food : All these types of food makes inner body hot and heat can be feeling at the upper part of the stomach.
  • Sexual activity : If a female do repeatedly sexual activities then she has to suffer from Menorrhagia.
  • Regular abortions : Women never wish to abort but some social animals who think females are their property will succeed in forcing a female to abort. Mainly abortions are done in girl child cases because everyone wants a boy rather than a girl.
  • Unhappiness : Female remains unhappy in their young age due to several rubbish reasons which directly affect their body. Early breakup of relation, jealousy from other women, false relationship, feeling alone and many other stupid reasons lead to unhappiness in females.
  • Day sleeping : Day sleeping should be avoided as it causes many diseases like digestive problems and hair loss and ultimately Menorrhagia.

Symptoms for Menorrhagia

There is several numbers of symptoms regarding Menorrhagia like constipation which is occurred due to digestive disorder, heavy loss of blood during periods, anemia, weakness in body, and the softness of breast will not be the same.

Treatment for Menorrhagia

According to the ayurveda, for the natural treatment of menorrhagia, it is advised to females to keep their feet up by taking support while sleeping. Cold baths should be taken, physical stress will not be taken in any form, foods, drinks and eatables which keep our body cool should be advised to eat.


Dr. Pooja Sharma

Dr. Pooja Sharma is an Ayurvedic Gynaecology Specialist and Co-Founder of Prakash Nethralaya treating chronic gynae diseases and promoting natural women health since 2006. Know More

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