Migraine treatment through Ayurveda in India possible?

What is Migraine?

Migraine is well known as a headache. Headache is not new for anyone, since at some point of time in life everyone had experienced headaches or migraines at least once. It is a symptom or disease which is very common in people. Many research and theories are developed but still, no particular solution or treatment is found for this disease yet. It is derived from well-known research that the symptoms of this disease occur due to the excessive discharge of neurotransmitters which causes the symptoms of irritation leading to migraine or headache. The body nature of the individual and the strength of the activating factors are the causes that decide how severe the migration is going to be.

Causes of Migraine

As it is already explained that the reason the occurrence of migraine or headache is still not defined but some of the triggering factors of migraine include :

  1. Food products like cheese, chocolates, artificial essence used in packaged curd, soft drinks, and preservatives are the main source of stimulation of migraine.
  2. Alcohol or smoking can also trigger the migraine.
  3. Insomnia and emotional issues also cause severe headaches.
  4. In females, it generally occurs during their menstrual cycle.
  5. Starvation can also lead to the migraine.

Indications of Migraine

  1. Continuously increasing headache along with one of the factors mentioned above.
  2. Vomiting, nausea, irritation from the high density of light (photophobia), and irritation from the high density of sound (phonophobia) are generally very common in migraines.
  3. There are times when the intensity of migraine headache increases to such an extent that he/she has to be admitted to emergency care otherwise it may affect the other body systems badly.

How to cure Migraines?

Ayurveda says that the reason behind migraines is the vitiation of vata dosha. Kapha and Pitta can also get indulged in the diagnosis of migraine but the main dosha is still the vata dosha. In Ayurveda migraine can be treated by the following methods :

  1. Initially, they try to find out the factors that cause or increase the migraine and then try to avoid the same.
  2. In case of acute attack, the intensity of pain is taken into control on an urgent basis.
  3. One should work upon the enhancement of the immunity of his/her body by making necessary changes in living style.

The ayurvedic treatment follows a manner to cleanse the body and oral ayurvedic medicines are used to boost up the immune system and also provide power which is helpful to eliminate the migraine permanently. Some of the major healing treatments are as follows :

  1. Vasti
  2. Nasya
  3. Virechana
  4. Shirodhara

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