Now Migraine treatment by Ayurveda is available in India

How common we heard of people saying – “I die out of migraine pain”

First we should talk about what is migraine? It is resulted due to prolonged neurological disorder and last to unbearable headache. There are some symptoms that can be parallel suffered by patients due to migraine like vomiting, loose motions, sensitivity of light and sound, nausea etc. The migraine can be due to hereditary reasons, hormonal imbalance or any other factors can be the cause of migraine suffering. The primary reason can be the generic factors that can irritate a person to survive in environment. Migraine blocks the flow of blood which can swell up the blood vessel of head resulting in the one side headache that is unbearable. This problem can arise in regular intervals thus; we can twice in a period of a month.

There can be two types of migraine

  • Classical migraine : This migraine occurs due to visual displacement and it Migraine and Ayurveda can be generated with aura.
  • Common migraine : It is not generated with any form of aura. It can occur with small decibels of noise. It can occur on daily basis, or within two three days.

If this is a common daily life problem the, it is a must to go for any reliable treatment that can give relief of this regular pain. So, for effective treatment one should go for ayurveda to fetch the quick and life – long results.

At what extent ayurveda is feasible for the treatment of migraine?

There are some general home remedies that can be useful for temporary treatment of migraine like using juice of spinach and carrot. You can also apply some cold leaves of cabbage over your head to get some relief. Using lemon you can also reduce the pain like you have to take out peels of 5 lemon and then you have to crush them well with a little water and after masking paste, you just need to apply over your forehead. So these are some general home remedies that can help you to reduce the pain.

You can do simple things like

  • Sleep well
  • Practice hot and cold compression.
  • Avoid intake of food.
  • Keep yourself in a dark and peaceful place without any noise.

With this, you can reduce your pain at the time you are having migraine. But, for life-long treatment you need an expert who can remove your sufferings. So, get yourself treated at Prakash Nethralaya and Panchkarma Kendra where you will be given ayurveda therapies that can help you to cure migraine and here, you don’t have to worry about any surgical methods to undertake for the treatment. With small time interval you will be able to feel the change and reduce your problems of migraine. For more information you can have a quick visit to or for any query, you can drop your message to We are here to help you in all positive aspects.