Study Roots of Chronic fatigue as per Ayurveda

What is Migraine?

The traditional method of allopathic treatment is generally challenged by the lessening of vital energy in the body of an individual. And in most of the cases, if the advice of doctor is taken, then the individual will have to go through a number of blood tests. This is done for the purpose of diagnosing the disease which, sometimes, is the cause of these symptoms. In many cases the test reports are normal and the doctor feels helpless in being able to detect the disease. And you will continue feeling extremely frustrated and exhausted.

There is one single alternative, AYURVEDA, which helps us finding a different way towards the healing of fatigue. This method goes far beyond the boundaries of the conventional medical science. According to Ayurveda, fatigue refers to lack of coordination and integration between the mind, spirit and the body of an individual. With the collection of toxins in the mind and body, the force of life gets disturbed and feels restricted which ultimately results in the condition which is commonly known as fatigue along with many other problems like depression, improper digestion etc.



The ultimate solution for all these problems is to dissolve the deposited toxic chemicals and fetching the things which are beneficial and nurturing for our body. All this is possible with the inflow of the core of our existence i.e. vital energy.

How to regain the lost energy?

There are many choices and alternatives for a lifestyle that suits for a persona but are very opposite of what suits to some other person. In order to understand and acknowledge the type of body or Dosha, we need to learn about the way of making choices or choosing between the alternatives, so that we can reestablish the balance in our body. Let us say someone having a body of Kapha imbalance may need to intensify their exercises but at the same time a person of vata type of body may need to slow them done in order to lead a healthy life.

It is generally considered to be quite important to consult some physician in order to get proper medication to fight against the basic symptoms and common physical causes of the dosha such as hormonal imbalance or thyroid. But it is always very important that the person knows about the body-mind type or doshas he possess. In order to know how to avoid the chronic fatigue, he/she needs to ask certain questions to himself/herself in order to understand what’s happening in his/her life :

  • How good or soundly does he/she sleeps at night?
  • Are the very personal and intimate relations going through a good phase?
  • Is he/she happy with the job he/she has?
  • Does he/she respect and like the people around them in their social surroundings? Or do they respect him/her back?
  • What is he/she eating and what is his/her diet chart?
  • Is he/she exercising in a regular basis?
  • Is he/she able to communicate his/her feelings to the persons around him/her whether it be family members or friends?

On the basis of your answers to the above mentioned questions, you may easily find out your body-mind type and also the dosha your body possess. This will help to categorize what to eat and what to avoid in order to flush out the toxics from your body. Thus you’ll be able to fight the chronic fatigue so that you too can lead a healthy life that you have always dreamt of.

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