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Overview about Myopia

Myopia is considered as the most common refractive error in which the sufferer is not able to see the far object clearly. Myopia is also known as nearsightedness, so the person who is suffering from this problem can easily see the near objects clearly, while those things which are far from them appears as blur or nor not clear image. According to some research it has been assumed that there is no special reason behind the occurrence of this disease. It is naturally occurring problem which cannot be prohibited. Some research also explain that myopia can occur if any of the family members is suffering from, but it is not always true that it is genetic which arises from parents. The effect of this disease is generally takes place in an early age, and the situation become worse at teenage age, so it is good to get proper check up of the eye to stay away from this problem.

Symptoms of Myopia

Below mentioned are some of the most common symptoms of Myopia, they are as follows :

  • Rubbing of eyes in a frequent manner.
  • Objects which are at far place are not visible clearly.
  • Blinking of eyes in an excess manner.
  • It becomes difficult to notice the distant object.
  • Regular headache because of the stress on eyes.
  • Objects are not visible in night.
  • Reading the books by keeping it close.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Myopia

There are many people who looks for the best way to get the proper heal from this disease. Ayurvedic treatment of Myopia in India is considered as the best way to get permanent cure from this disease. The best thing with Ayurveda is that all the medicines are prepared from herbal, so there is no chance of any side-effects and all. There are different techniques that are being used for treating this disease. Some of the best ways through which one can get the complete cure from this disease are as follows :

  • Eye Exercise : There are some of the best exercises for eye which is very effective to heal this problem.
  • Samshodan : Samshodhan is also known as purifying procedure. In this technique Virechan karm is used.
  • Palming technique : In this technique, with the help of palms a special type of exercise is there which is very effective to heal Myopia.

There are several other techniques that are being used to cure this disease. There are many people who are not able to find a reliable Ayurvedic center from where they can get the complete cure of this disease. There is one name for Ayurvedic treatment of Myopia in India which is very renowned and reliable. Prakash Nethralaya and Panchkarma Kendra is the best place for the treatment of Myopia. Here there are number of skilled and professional Ayurvedic doctors who will assist you in the best way to keep yourself away from this disease. For more information you can visit on their official website.