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An introduction about Myopia

Myopia is also well known as nearsightedness. It is also regarded as refractive error, which generally means that the sufferer is not able to refract or bend the eyes properly in light. The person who is suffering from the ill-effects of myopia is also not able to see the images clearly and properly. The basic problem which is being observed during this period is that, the sufferer is not able to see the distant object clearly while he can easily see the close objects. It is considered as the most common problem. There are many people who have a misconception that myopia is an eye disease, but it is not like so, as myopia is an eye focusing disorder.

Symptoms of Myopia

  • The eye-balls become very heavy.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Regular burning in the eye-balls.
  • Flaming commotion in the eyes.
  • Usual release of watery liquid from the eyes.

Causes of Myopia

The deficiency in the refractivity of eyes is the main reason behind the occurrence of Myopia or near sightedness. When an individual is suffering from the problem of myopia then during that period the curvature of refracting surface of the eyes gets changed, which is responsible for not getting the clear vision. There are several other reasons also which can lead to this disease. They may be because of constipation, tension and other several reasons. But one of the most common reasons behind the occurrence of this disease is because of the intake of lack of nutritional food. Some person gets this disease because they are not following the proper method of reading habits. This disease sometimes gets severe, so it is important to go for a regular and proper checkup.

Safety Measures for Myopia

  • Try to avoid taking much stress on your eyes.
  • Try to take the food which is easy to digest.
  • Develop a habit of taking cow’s ghee in your diet.
  • It is good to avoid fried, spicy and sour food stuff.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Myopia

Myopia can be easily treated by the help of Ayurvedic treatment. The treatment of Myopia according to Ayurvedic method is prove to be very beneficial for the patient as there is no side-effects, because the whole treatment is based on herbal medication. There are two methods i.e. Sirodhara and Nethradhara that are being followed for treating the disease.

  • Sirodhara : In this technique medicated milk, medicated butter milk, and herbal oil are being dropped on the forehead of the sufferer in a particular pattern.
  • Nethradhara : In this technique an herbal decoction is being poured on the patient eyes.

There are other several eye-exercises which are also very useful for the treatment of Myopia.

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