Myopia Treatment in India

Myopia Eye Disease

Myopia is an eye disease also known as Nearsightedness.

It is basically caused in people who have difficulty in seeing objects which are distant. Those people can easily see the objects which are near them. For example, a person having nearsightedness can’t see highway signs even when they are just a few steps away from them. The treatment of Myopia eye disease can be easily done by Ayurveda.

Major causes of Myopia

  1. Excessive close work.
  2. Lack of outdoor activity.
  3. Poor illumination.
  4. Small Size of prints in books.
  5. Unhealthy diet.
  6. Improper care of eyes.

These people having Myopia are having a factor called as “refractive error”. This basically means that the light rays do not bend correctly into the eyes to transmit images to our brain. The people having have big or long eyeball and their cornea become more curvative. Thus, the light which enters the eyes is not focused in a right manner. Rather than focusing on the retina, the light rays then directly focus on the sensitive part, i.e. front of the retina.

Myopia basically appears in childhood age and it gets even more worse as the age increases.

Symptoms of Myopia

  1. Headaches
  2. Squinting
  3. Eyestrain
  4. Fatigue

How is Myopia Diagnosed?

It can be easily diagnosed by getting standard eye treatment by an eye specialist doctor.

How is Myopia treated?

It can be treated by :

  1. Glasses
  2. Contact lenses.
  3. Refractive surgery.

People having Myopia can have -3.00 contact lens numbers. This can be reduced with the help of refractive surgery and many other treatments such as :

  1. Photorefractive Keratectomy : Laser is used to remove corneal layer tissue which then flattens the cornea and allow light rays to focus on retina.
  2. Laser assisted in situ keratomileusis : Laser is used to cut a flap through cornea top and some corneal tissue is removed and then the flap is dropped into the place back again.
  3. Corneal Rings : Plastic corneal rings are implanted into the eyes to alter cornea shape.

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