Treatment of Paralysis in India is now possible by Ayurveda.

Paralysis is a familiar word that we come across in daily life. It is also known as lakwa in hindi. We see people suffering of paralysis due to some accidents, depression, and stress and there are many other such reasons that are more inclined to this disease. Basically, if we understand in simple words then, it is the disease in which the affected part will not feel any sort of sensation, movement or any pain. The affected part will be irresponsive for any spontaneous actions or any other reactions that a normal body should give. It can also be related with no movement of muscles known as motor function loss disorder.

In medical terms it is some type of signal lost between body muscles and brain that can make the body irresponsive of giving any reactions. If we talk about different types of paralysis then, it includes

  • Spastic diplegia : It gives 35 % of body loss or in other words we can say that the lower part of body is affected starting from the waist.
  • Spastic hemiplegia : It gives 25 % of body loss or we can say that half the body gets immobile and irresponsive of any movement.
  • Spastic quadriplegia : It gives 20% of body loss.
  • Athetoid/extrapyramidal : It gives 15 % of body loss.

What factors can leads you to the victim of paralysis?

There are many problems that can incline your body towards the suffering of paralysis. It includes some daily life problems and some health related diseases so just have a look.

  • In medical terms, the most common cause of paralysis is the blood clotting occurred in the cranial vessels that stop the flow of blood and signal to send up to the different body parts. It is called stroke in general.
  • The vertical disc compression can be the other cause of paralysis as it can give sensitivity loss in the cervical nerves.
  • The person suffering of the facial paralysis then, it can increase up to neck and shoulder region in worst condition.

Why go for ayurveda treatment of Paralysis?

Ayurveda can give relief from paralysis and that also without any side-effect or any other surgical methods. For this reason people prefer to go for ayurveda rather than any other courses. So people who are looking for the ayurveda treatment of paralysis in India can visit to Prakash Nethralaya and Panchkarma Kendra. Here, you will be treated with great care and medical procedural that can lead you towards better results. Paralysis is a disease that needs proper physiotherapy and exercise that can give positive outcomes so it calls for an expert who can do this for you on the regular basis. For more information you can also visit the official site or for more query you can drop your mail at