The Paralysis Treatment In Ayurveda Can Lead You Towards The Secure Life

When the body of a human being stops working then we can say that the patient has got paralyzed. There are many reason that can cause this disease are trauma, poliomyelitis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and stroke.

The symptoms of the paralysis are dependent upon the area of the brain that is affected. The symptoms are :

  • The patient can’t be able to walk.
  • He/she also become incautious as not in the situation to speak or even understand the words of the people.
  • One side of the body gets weak.
  • The head start aching without any cause.
  • The coordination and the balance also get lost.
  • The patient get problem in his/her vision.
  • The patient even gets confused suddenly.

There are many other symptoms too that can cause the paralysis. So, get the paralysis treatment in ayurveda today only to get treated securely.

The paralysis is the disease that is caused due to Vata vyadhi disorder in terms of ayurveda. Some more words like Ekanga Vata, Paksaghata and Paksha Vadha are used in ayurveda to describe paralysis. The Ardita vata is a disease that is caused due to the facial paralysis. You can even refer the ayurveda guidelines for more treatments to get rid of the paralysis.



The paralysis treatment in ayurveda is the best method to treat the paralysis and also known for its effective cure. So if the patient is very sensitive during the medical care in hospital refer him/her to an ayurvedic center for the treatment.

The Panchakarma therapies are also used in the treatment for this disease. Along with that the oral medications are also used. The commonly known therepies are Nasyam, Abhyanga swedam, Kama pooranam, Vasti, Pichu, Navarakizhi, Snehapanam, Virechanam and so on. With all above measures the most important one that should also be followed in the treatment are the diet chart and the modified life style of the patient.

So, go through the above aspects in order to save your close on from this immovable life of paralysis. Refer an ayurvedic treatment only to get safe and secure cure from this disease.