How To Defeat Irregular Periods With Ayurveda?

The menstrual cycle is the basic part of female reproductive health. A regular menstrual cycle lasts between 28-35 days. However, our bodies do not stick to this schedule like a clock. There might be irregularities or delays in our periods.

Almost every 9 out of 10 ladies experience irregularity in periods in their childbearing age. It is a normal thing. But, if the infrequency of periods gets out of hand, it shows a strong sign of hormonal imbalance.

Slight discomfort and pain during periods are normal, but irregular periods are completely different things and need to be treated with utmost caution. It is not something that needs to be treated with the best precautionary measures so that it doesn’t lead to any other health problem.

What Kind of Symptoms Define Irregular Periods?

There are a few ways to identify disturbance in a menstrual cycle:

  • If the total number of days between two periods is different every month, it is a sign of irregular periods.
  • If you bleed without the periods, it is a sign of disturbed periods.
  • Periods after menopause is another sign of a disturbed menstrual cycle.
  • The duration of your periods is longer than usual and bleeding is heavy.
  • You have your periods once every 35 days.

Most of these signs are the result of hormonal imbalance caused by an unhealthy diet and lifestyle.

Can It Be Treated Naturally?

Ayurveda is one of the most recommended streams for natural treatments. Even with respect to irregular periods, it offers a holistic treatment that helps women overcome irregular periods.

It states that every female body is influenced by three specific doshas - Kapha, Pitta, and Vata. Each body is dominated by a different Dosha and its respective disorder causes the different hormonal disorder.

How Ayurveda Defines The Causes of Irregular Periods?

Ayurveda says that the menstrual cycle is regulated by the Apana Vata. It works close to the lower abdomen and regulates all downward flows that move along the reproductive, urinary, and intestinal tracts.

Whenever the body suffers from Vata dosha or any imbalance in this dosha, it results in irregular periods.

Several factors like over-exertion, specific medications, lack of physical exercise, long-term illnesses, stress, emotional trauma or an unhealthy diet can lead to an imbalance in Apana Vata.

Ayurveda also recognizes other complicated reasons like Anaemia, PCOS or PCOD, Ectopic pregnancy, and Thyroid.

There are some women who experience irregular periods at the onset of periods and at the pre-menopause stage.

However, ayurvedic treatment for irregular periods can fix the problem with some herbal Ayurvedic medicines, therapies, diet, and lifestyle changes.

Treatment for Irregular Periods In Ayurveda

Ayurveda focuses on the root cause of the problem and not the symptoms. That is the basic difference between the Ayurvedic approach and that of other medical streams. The treatment begins with some basic lifestyle changes:

  • Diet: Since one of the basic causes of the irregular menstrual cycle is an unhealthy diet, the doctors start by regulating the patient’s diet. They are kept on a strictly simple diet that is rich in fibre and nutrients. Spicy, oily, fried, and junk food needs to be stopped immediately. Women must stick to lighter meals and avoid pickles, sweets, and meat as it will further discomfort.
  • Regular Exercise: Sedentary lifestyle is one of the key reasons for hormonal imbalance and irregular periods. Yoga is quite effective in regulating hormones as well as the menstrual cycle. Regular asanas like Kapalbhaati can play a key role in restoring the health of the uterus and hormonal balance. It is a proven remedy for a healthy uterus and related issues.
  • Rest: It is very crucial to take a break once in a while. Ayurveda recommends proper rest and relaxation for a healthy body and mindset. During periods as well, you must take proper rest and try to take a break from strenuous routine. Exertion can be very harmful during this time. It is the reason why we have a tradition of keeping women out of the kitchen and regular household chores during periods. The idea has always been to provide them with proper rest and break from their hectic routine.
  • Cow Ghee: Ayurveda suggests higher usage of cow ghee for gynaecological problems. A diet rich in cow ghee can help in reducing menstrual cramps, irregular periods, as well as pregnancy. A spoonful of ghee added to food during periods or every day during pregnancy can subdue the discomfort and cramps.
  • PCOD: PCOD is one of the common problems in women these days. It is a result of hormonal imbalance that aggravates due to high levels of male hormone (testosterone). It leads to irregular periods and several other problems. Ayurveda treats the problems with herbal medicines and Panchakarma therapies that detoxify the body and restore the imbalance.
  • Menorrhagia: Also known as Asigdara, it is not exactly an irregular period but involves heavy bleeding and longer periods than usual. Various herbal formulations and therapies are used to cure this problem.

If you are looking for any specific herbal formulations or information on therapies, you must consult a doctor. Avoid taking any medication or formulations without the doctor’s guidance. It may lead to more severe problems and complicate the ongoing issues.

Dr. Pooja Sharma

Dr. Pooja Sharma is an Ayurvedic Gynaecology Specialist and Co-Founder of Prakash Nethralaya treating chronic gynae diseases and promoting natural women health since 2006. Know More

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