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Advantages of Panchkarma methods

The hectic lifestyles give birth to stress which further results in health problems among people. The mind gets burdened and many other physical problems are generated. Ayurveda has also come up with good solutions in terms of health problems. It has fewer side effects. Panchkarma, therefore, provides

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The Paralysis Treatment In Ayurveda Can Lead You Towards The Secure Life

When the body of a human being stops working then we can say that the patient has got paralyzed. There are many reason that can cause this disease are trauma, poliomyelitis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and stroke. The symptoms of the paralysis are dependent upon the area

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Herbal And Ayurveda Treatment For Depression

The neurological disorder, also known as Depression, is such a condition where a person looses all his interest over everything and becomes lethargic. Such situation occurs when an individual fails a test or exam, loses his loved one, gets divorced or any other similar state. This disorder

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Paralysis -Disease And Cure

What is Paralysis? Paralysis is a condition which stops the muscle movements due to some disorder of the nervous system. They are of various forms. In many cases only a side of the body is affected which is known as hemiplegia but in other cases both the

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What is Leucoderma? Leucoderma is a skin disease in which many parts of the body including face, hands, and scalp are covered with colorless or whitish patch. This is most common in those who having less amount of melanin (a skin pigment) in their body. Causes for

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Introduction As we all know, all we need is sleep in order to regain our body energy. Every part of our body needs rest which can be getting through a perfect sleep. When a person is unable to take a proper sleep of at least 5 to

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Epilepsy Treatment With The Help Of Ayurveda

Epilepsy which is also known as fits, is a nervous system disorder in which regular instances of tremors occur. The brain gets excited abnormally which causes such disease. There are some instances where the person does not have to suffer from the disease in the adulthood. All

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Get the ayurvedic treatment of Parkinson’s disease

What is Parkinson’s disease? When the nervous tissues at the central part of the brain start degenerating then it causes Parkinson’s disease. It is also known as Paralysis agitans. This affects the person’s motor skills which hampers the speech and movement of the body parts. In Ayurveda,

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Epilepsy and its treatment in India

Epilepsy Epilepsy is the disease which is majorly caused among the infants and the teenagers. It has two types. The first one is Grand Mal and the other one is Petit Mal. It is caused due to the problem caused in the three doshas. Depending upon their

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Ayurveda- a blessing for healthy life

Ayurveda-the safest option Ayurveda is known as a herbal science which was used by the rishi-munis of India. The medical properties of the herbs and the related studies on the human body are dealt in Ayurveda. Ayurveda gives the benefits of four thousand herbs which are used

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