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Treatment of eye diseases by experts: Know facts about it here

The most significant organs in our human body are the eyes and the magnificent reward is vision. Prior to this many of us ignore the value of eye care and do not take proper care of it. Instructions for Vision care, Eye beauty and Eye health care

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Best Eye Treatment in Jaipur by Experts doctors

The eyes are the most delicate organ in our human body through which we can see. Small particles can create a huge amount of discomfort, different problems like eye pain and redness in your eyes can affect your foresight which requires medical attention. Some common eye problems

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Signs And Symptoms of Dry Eyes

Are you experiencing the problem of dry eyes? This situation can prove quite troublesome. Easiest tasks like watching television programs and reading books can be disrupted because of it. In case it is left untreated then it can be the cause of various problems. Read the information

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Prakash Nethralaya & Panchkarma Kendra

A Destination Of Trust And Responsibility… With a vision to give vision Prakash Nethralaya & Panchkarma Kendra celebrated its anniversary. Behind our success lies the meticulous and selfless efforts of our doctors. On this auspicious occasion we would like to thank our patients and their families for

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Symptoms And Treatment Of Menorrhagia

Introduction Menorrhagia generally not measured as a disease. It is situation in female body when they have to suffer from heavy flow during menstrual at a definite period of time. During the reproductive age, the condition of menorrhagia is normal but it should keep in mind that

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Get the best treatment for dry eyes syndrome in an effective way!

Dry eyes disease is also known as Keratitis that is common among the people whose eyes lacks the lubrication and moisture on their surface. This leads to decrease in the production of tears in both the perspectives- qualitatively and quantitatively. The four layers that are responsible for

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Keep your eyes healthy with the ayurvedic eye treatment!

The eyes of human being are considered to be the most sensitive organ in Ayurveda. The five components i.e. Earth, Fire, Air, Water and space play vital role in order to maintain the health of the eyes. According to Ayurveda, the problems in the eyes are caused

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Know about some effective ayurvedic eye treatments

As we all know eyes are very important part of our body. We can’t even imagine our life without our eyes. So, they need to be healthy. Because of the busy schedule we don’t take of our eyes and they start getting ill. Therefore in order to

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Symptoms and Treatment of Retinitis Pigmentosa

What is Retinitis Pigmentosa? & What are its symptoms? Retinitis Pigmentosa is an inherited disease which is characterized among the autosomal governing disorders which leads to vision loss and night blindness. The common symptoms of the RP are hearing loss, visual flashes of light and night blindness.

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How to stay energized during the Vata season

As per Ayurveda, the two major doshas are corresponded by the fall season. These two doshas or mind body principles include Vata and Pitta. The season of Autumn is considered as Pitta which lasts with the hot weather. Later on, the cold weather that comes is known

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