Central Serous Retinopathy

Central Serous Retinopathy is a condition of eye in which there occurs leakage under the retina from the micro capillaries. As a result, patient acquires a blurred and distorted vision from the centre. The peripheral vision however remains good. This can either happen in one eye or in both eyes together. Males are more prone to get this disease than females.


  • Stress
  • Hypertension or suffering from the disease of high blood pressure
  • Auto immune disorder


  • Distorted vision
  • Seeing floaters and flashes
  • Photophobia
  • Seeing dark spot in the field vision
  • Sometimes pain in eye

Do's And Dont's

  • Do yoga and pranayama to fight stress
  • Keep bowels normal
  • Avoid bright light
  • Enrich diet with vitamin c to increase immunity
  • Avoid chilly and spicy food

Home Remedies

  • Take amla juice daily
  • 1 tsp triphla choorna at bed time

Ayurvedic treatment of CSR

According to ayurveda the aim of treatment is to treat the underlying cause. In this disease, vata and pitta dosha get vitiates. Thakradhara, virechana, nethradhara and many other procedures are potent enough to eliminate the leakage from retina. Eye vision is also improved consult with the ayurvedic eye specialist to know more about your condition.



Dr. Dinesh Sharma talking about Successful Ayurvedic treatment of Central Serous Retinopathy (CSR)