Dry eyes in general terms are lack of moisture and lubrication on the eye surface. This results in irritation of surface of eye tissue. Dry eye sometimes affects cornea and conjunctiva resulting in complications related with vision. Due to stressed life style of today’s corporate world with disturbed eating habits, odd sleeping hours and increased use of electronic gadgets like TV, mobile phone and computer, the patients of dry eyes syndrome are increasing globally. The tear gland produces less tears and the requirement increases gradually.

Causes of Dry Eye Syndrome


Causes for Dry Eyes depends on many factors including Climate, Daily Schedule etc. Some major causes are described here:

  • Dusty/dry/windy climate
  • Excessive stay in air conditioning or heating system.
  • Staring at TV, mobile or computer screen for longer duration without blinking is a big reason for dryness of eyes.
  • Dryness of Eyes by side effect of some medicines. (Steven Johnson Syndrome)
  • Less sleep or odd sleeping hours.
  • Excessive fast food can also worsen the dry eye condition by not providing the proper nutrients.
  • Dry Eyes can also occur after lasik.
  • After Cataract Surgery, one can get dryness in eyes.
  • Smoking
  • Ageing
Symptoms of Dry Eyes


One can notice many different types of Dry Eyes Symptoms in a patient. Majority of them you can see here:

  • Foreign body sensation in the eyes.
  • Irritation of eyes.
  • Redness and itching.
  • Burning sensation in eyes.
  • Pain and strained eyes.
  • Photophobia or difficulty to face bright light.
  • Dry Eyes and Headache.
  • Eyes feel dry and rough.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Increase intake of clarified butter if not having any other metabolic disease.
  • Do regular exercise. Yoga and pranayama are very helpful.
  • Avoid bright sunlight or other bright light.
  • Stop smoking immediately.
  • Avoid fast food and junk food.
  • Avoid use of screen of mobile, TV, and computer as much as possible.
  • Regularize bowels. Use any laxative to regularize the motion.
Treatment for Dry Eyes in India

Ayurvedic Treatment for Dry Eyes

Dry eyes syndrome according to Ayurveda is due to vitiated vata dosha and hence the aim is also to maintain the balance of the same. The dried channels of eye are lubricated with Ayurveda medicines after cleaning of the body by panchakarma procedures for fast reduction in symptoms. Natural and normal tear formation is gradually maintained.

Dry Eyes treatment in Ayurveda is done at two levels depending upon the clinical stage. In early stages, patient uses oral medicines and Ayurvedic eye drops for dry eyes to suppress the symptoms. Patient may require the use of Ayurveda herbal formulations for about 4-6 months with correct and disciplined life style. Gradually the normal tear secretion is maintained and the symptoms of dry eyes disease are cured permanently. In advanced stage, Panchakarma treatments and specialized eye therapies like Virechana, nasya, nethradhara, lepa over eyes, kizhi swedan and tharpana are done in a specific manner to permanently remove the symptoms. The life style is then corrected to avoid the relapse of the disease. The duration of treatment for dry eyes is 3 weeks at an Ayurvedic eye hospital followed by medicines for 6 months to a year depending on the condition.

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Home Remedies

Dry Eyes ideally needs proper medication and treatment to cure it permanently. But at initial phase or to prevent eyes from getting dried, Here are some home remedies for dry eyes which anyone can do on regular basis:

  • Do hot fomentation over the closed eye lids by dipping cotton in the hot water mixed with 2 gm boric powder.
  • Apply filtered cow ghee in the eyes only at bed time.
  • Put sesame oil 3 drops in both nostrils daily morning empty stomach.
  • Increase the intake of Ghee (Clarified butter) in your diet if other metabolic conditions like diabetes and hypertension or any other are allowing.