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Fed Up of These Symptoms?

Itchy Red and Inflamed Skin
Itchy Red and Inflamed Skin
Raised bumps with fluid leakage
Raised bumps with fluid leakage
Skin crusts when scratched
Skin crusts when scratched
Patches in Skin Folds
Patches in Skin Folds

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How does Ayurveda Treatment Work for Eczema?

  • Eczema is also known as atopic dermatitis. It can affect the whole body or a part of the body. The generally affected parts are the hands, scalp, back of the neck, inside the bend of elbows and knees, and the face.
  • Red, itchy, inflamed, cracked, and rough skin appears in eczema. Blisters may sometimes occur. Patients with eczema can complain of small, raised bumps with fluid leakage, and they can crust over when scratched.
  • It is prevalent in children. It can occur at any age, and asthma or hay fever may accompany it.
  • Vicharchika is the term given for Eczema in Ayurveda classics. According to Ayurveda, accumulated toxic elements in the body, especially at the skin level, are responsible for eczema. Pitta manifests in the skin and causes the accumulation of heating toxins known as ama.
  • The eczema treatment enhances the body’s digestion and pacifies Pitta by cleansing the body’s accumulated toxins.
  • Vaman (Emesis), Virechan (Purgation), Vasti (Enema), and Rakta mokshan (Blood Letting) by leech therapy are the mainstream Panchakarma procedures required for the Ayurvedic treatment for eczema.
  • Fast food, spicy food, staple food, processed food, tobacco, and alcohol increase the symptoms, and the patient should avoid them.
  • Easily digestible and fresh light food, plenty of water, healthy digestion, and yoga certainly help heal and improve the condition.

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Why Prakash Nethralaya for Eczema?

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  • ✅ Consultation with the Ayurveda Doctor over an online video call. Best quality medicines will be sent at the patient's doorstep. Our team will be available over a phone call for any kind of support to the patient.
  • ✅ Experience of more than 15 years for authentic Ayurveda and the Faith of more than 50,000 treated patients.

Success Stories of Eczema Treatment

Shivam Bharadwaj

I was suffering from Eczema and I have tried a lot of treatments for the relief in itching, but everything was temporary. I got irritated from this disease and wandering for the permanent treatment of my eczema problem. Then found it in Ayurveda. Now, its been six months, I am not more scratching my skin and also got relief in other problems. Thanks to Prakash Nethralaya for this new life.

Sonali Chauhan

Good experience so far at Prakash Nethralaya. I was suffering from Severe Itching and my skin got fully hidden behind the red bumps, and before here, I have taken several treatments at different hospitals but has not got the complete cure. But here, only in 1-month treatment, I got effective relief in my symptoms. Dr. Dinesh, Thank You so much for the treatment.

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