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Fed Up of These Symptoms?

Uncontrollable Movement of Hands and Legs
Uncontrollable Movement of Hands and Legs
Psychic Symptoms: Fear or Anxiety
Psychic Symptoms: Fear or Anxiety
Temporary Confusions
Temporary Confusions

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How does Ayurveda Treatment Work for Epilepsy?

  • Epilepsy is a non-communicable disease of neurological origin. Around 50 million people suffer from this disease worldwide. It is a disorder in which brain activity becomes abnormal, causing seizures or periods of strange behaviour, sensations, and awareness loss.
  • The disease shows episodes of involuntary movements in the body, losing consciousness, and losing bowel or bladder function control. Both males and females of all races, backgrounds, and ages suffer from Epilepsy.
  • Apasmara is the term used for epilepsy in Ayurveda texts. The symptoms are classified into three major categories based on the dosha involved, i.e., Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.
  • All types of epilepsy are curable with Ayurvedic treatment, a disciplined lifestyle, and diet changes. Ayurveda treatment for epilepsy can manage to a large extent of being able to lead a typical day to day life.
  • An epilepsy patient should avoid spicy, fried food, fast food, excessive sugar intake, strong tea & coffee, alcoholic beverages, pickles. A patient of epilepsy should keep engaged in positive activities to help relax and strengthen the mind.

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Why Prakash Nethralaya for Epilepsy?

  • ✅ We believe in providing Authentic and Ethical Ayurveda Treatment services rather than selling products.
  • ✅ Consultation with the Ayurveda Doctor over an online video call. Best quality medicines will be sent at the patient's doorstep. Our team will be available over a phone call for any kind of support to the patient.
  • ✅ Experience of more than 15 years for authentic Ayurveda and the Faith of more than 50,000 treated patients.

Success Stories of Epilepsy Treatment

Satish Roy

My Wife has Epilepsy. It has been 5 years her epilepsy is controlled. Thanks to Dr. Dinesh, a Very Polite man and very experienced. The staff is very cooperative and the treatment is completely natural.

Ranjita Srivastava

Highly satisfied with his way of treatment. Explains things nicely in a way a layman can understand. Gives proper time to patients. Responds quickly on whatsapp and massages. He gives a patient what a patient expects from a doctor. So, highly recommended.

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