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Pale Skin & Eyes
Pale Skin & Eyes
Abdominal Pain
Abdominal Pain

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How does Ayurveda Treatment Work for Jaundice?

  • Jaundice is a yellow discoloration of the skin, mucous membranes, and the white part of the eyes caused by increased bilirubin amounts in the blood.
  • A viral infection, side effects of certain chemical medicines, Excess use of alcohol, blocked bile ducts due to any tumor or gall stones, and an autoimmune reaction can lead to inflammation in the liver leading to raised bilirubin levels.
  • A yellow tinge in the eyes and skin, pale stools, dark urine, itchiness in the body, abdominal pain, weight loss, vomiting, and fever are the leading symptoms of Jaundice.
  • Ayurveda treatment for Jaundice can successfully correct the Pitta dosha functioning leading to normal bilirubin levels. In the initial stages of Jaundice, mild purgation stimulates the liver and increases the flow of bile.
  • An Ayurveda expert makes selective use of Trivrit, Kutaki, Bhumyaamalaki, Punarnava, Aloe vera, Triphala, and many other herbs for this purpose.
  • Amla, Beetroot, Lemon, Bottle guard, Bitter guard, and Aloe vera are good for liver health and should be used daily.
  • Alcohol, raw milk, uncooked food, poor hygiene, fast food, contaminated water, and self-medication can lead to severe liver complications and should be discouraged.

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Why Prakash Nethralaya for Jaundice?

  • ✅ We believe in providing Authentic and Ethical Ayurveda Treatment services rather than selling products.
  • ✅ Consultation with the Ayurveda Doctor over an online video call. Best quality medicines will be sent at the patient's doorstep. Our team will be available over a phone call for any kind of support to the patient.
  • ✅ Experience of more than 15 years for authentic Ayurveda and the Faith of more than 50,000 treated patients.

Success Stories of Jaundice Treatment

Pranay Gautam

I went to Dr. Dinesh after being referred by a friend. I had gone to many other renowned doctors for Jaundice. I started feeling my problem cannot be treated. To Dr. Dinesh credit, he diagnosed the issue in my first visit to him. Treatment took me little long as I was ill for more than 2 months before going to him. I highly recommend Prakash Nethralaya

Himani Kukreja

I visited Dr Dinesh Sharma for my Jaundice issues. I was suffering from a long time and he helped me with proper medical assistance to cure my problem. I would recommend other patients to visit him if they are suffering from similar issues.

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