Uveitis is a condition in which there occurs inflammation in the inner tissue of eyes. There occurs relapses even after a successful treatment of heavy dose of steroids and there is a permanent vision loss with every relapse. Patients are in search of the effective and permanent treatment of uveitis with Ayurveda and other natural means. Here is a detailed video by Dr. Dinesh Sharma of Prakash Nethralaya and Panchakarma Kendra Jaipur (INDIA) about the causes, symptoms and the ayurveda medicines and treatments used for the permanent cure of Uveitis. Watch the video and get benefited by the Ayurveda treatments for Uveitis offered by Prakash Nethralaya. Click here to talk to the doctors of Prakash Nethralaya and get your line of treatment.

Uveitis and its Successful Ayurvedic Management