Nasya Karma is a Panchakarma therapy mentioned in Ayurveda. In this Panchakarma process drug (liquid medicines and herbalized oil) is direct through the nostrils. Because nose is the doorway of head, the therapy is extremely effective in curing various types of diseases pertaining to the head. But, it is necessary that it should be perform systematically. This therapy is very beneficial; all the channels of head are getting clean and open through Nasya Karma. This therapy improves course of prana (oxygenation), that directly influence on functioning of brain. It is beneficial if it is done on regular basis because it improves ear, eye and nose health.

Benefits of Nasya Karma therapy

  1. Healthy and proper growth of hair is ensured by this therapy.
  2. By regular and continuous administration of this therapy early aging process can be prevented effectively.
  3. Nasya therapy protects from diseases that affects on head and also improve the working of sense organs.

Types of Nasya Karma

  1. Pradhamana Nasya: this therapy is mainly used to treat diseases caused by Kapha disorder. Like, headaches, nasal congestion, cold, sticky eyes, heaviness in head and hoarseness of voice. This therapy is also effective in curing disease like tumors and cervical lymph and it is helpful in curing some of skin diseases also.
  2. Bruhana Nasya: this therapy is effectively cure diseases caused due to vata disorder such as migraine, dry nose, anxiety, dryness of voice, dizziness, etc. bruhana Nasya is very effective to treat disorders like stiffness in the neck, bursitis, dry sinuses and heaviness of eyelids.
  3. Shaman Nasya: it is also known as Sedative Nasys. This therapy is used according to dosha that is aggravated most in human body. Basically it used to treat pitta disorder.
  4. Navana Nasya: it is used in curing Kapha-pitta or vata-pitta disorder.
  5. Marshy Nasya: This therapy is used to treat uneasiness arise due to occurring of some disease.
  6. Pratimarshya: this therapy helps in reducing stress and it works greatly.

Nasya Therapy Effective in following Diseases

  1. Bronchitis
  2. Coryza
  3. Dryness of the nose
  4. Hemi crania
  5. Parkinsonism, etc.