Poorva Karma

Snehnana (oiling)

Snehan is executed to alleviate vata, and allay the doshas. Ghee and oil is used to accomplish these treatment procedures.

Diverse methodology required for the completion of Snehan phase is :

Sarvang or Ekang Abhyang - Massage to various body parts

Both mind and the body are prepared for smooth functioning from Abhyanga. It is well for all body types and also maintains stability between all three doshas. Toxins and impurities which accumulate in skin are also get released by Abhyanga,

  1. Relives the stiffness and pressure in the cervical spondylitis.
  2. Relives tension and stress.
  3. Increases mental alertness.
  4. Relives eyestrains and headaches.
  5. Help to eliminate toxins, increases lymphatic drainage.
  6. Prevent premature graying of hairs and promote healthy hair growth.
  7. Stimulates the circulation of shoulders and head.

Shriobasti, Pidicchil, Shriodhara-Pouring of lukewarm milk, oil, decoctions on affected part or whole body.


The term ‘Dhara” means flow and here it refers to pre-panchkarma therapy, it helps to open unlock the channels of mind and body to aid the curing of disease. This treatment deeply relaxes to the mind by directly influencing central nervous system. Technique liquid medicaments such as (herbalized oil, Ghee and milk) are used in this panchakarma therapy. Hence, this is an ideal panchkrma therapy to reduce mental stress and disorders related to throat, nose and ear, neuralgia, alcoholism, depression, paralysis, etc.


In this therapy oils are putting in ear for cleansing of ear through ear candles that assist in exclusion of ear wax by creating vacuum inside candle. Vata disorders are treated by it. This treatment provides vigor, strength and restfulness. Before starting PradhanKarma external and internal oilenation is done commonly.

Swedana (Steam)

It plays a pivotal role to liquefy the accumulated dosha and eventually drain them out of the body. It eradicates all the stiffness, cold and heaviness from the body by dilating the pores of the skin and the external discharge channels within the body.