Prakash Nethralaya in Udaipur

Prakash Nethralaya and Panchkarma Kendra is a premier ayurvedic hospital in India. It has its unfolded roots in different cities. Udaipur is one from the cities where we arrange our regular medical camps. With the team of professional Ayurvedic doctors we are serving since year 2004. We hold great specialization in treatment of eye diseases along with it we also cure general diseases. Ayurveda is not new it is in practice since ancient times. Dr. Dinesh Sharma is the renowned ayurvedic doctor who started this ayurveda hospital with a vision to provide authentic ayurveda treatment to the reach of every common man.

Our team is expert in curing all those eye diseases naturally which can cause problem of vision loss, like glaucoma,?retinitis pigmentosa, age related macular degeneration, etc. Along with the eye diseases we also cure the general diseases like slip disc,?sinusitis,?obesity, etc.

Why to select Ayurveda?

This is the question asked by many people. Still there are so many people in India who do not have any knowledge about ayurvedic treatment of eye disease. Ayurveda can heal your eyes greatly just with the natural medicines. Eyes are the most prominent gift of God taking proper care of it is essential. We at Prakash Nethralaya and Panchkarma treated many of the cases naturally where people think surgery is the last option. You can go through our case study, to know about such cases. We get success in those cases also where loss of vision is the greatest fear.

What are the measures that make ayurvedic treatment differ from allopathic and homeopathic treatment?

The first and the most important thing that make ayurvedic treatment differ from other treatments is it is side effect free. The next thing is the procedure of ayurveda treatment is completely natural. All the medicines and herbs are used for the treatment and Panchakarma are natural. Allopathic treatment supports surgeries whereas ayurvedic treatment is against to the surgeries.

Recent medical camps in Udaipur

We at Prakash Nethralaya and Panchkarma Kendra organize regular camps in different cities Udaipur is also one of them. These camps are organized to provide benefit to all those people who are suffering from unceasing eye diseases and general diseases. We have served numerous people in these camps. When you will go to our case study you will realize how many and how much chronic cases can be treated with ayurveda. To know about already scheduled medical camps in Udaipur check our calendar.

Why to go only for Prakash Nethralaya and Panchkarma Kendra? It is one of the leading ayurveda hospital in India. We have a large team of expert and professional ayurvedic doctors. Our vision is not just to earn high profits. Dr. Dinesh establishes this hospital with a vision of providing authentic treatment of eye diseases. We at Prakash Nethralaya and Panchkarma Kendra provide reliable and affordable ayurvedic eye treatment. There are so many successful cases we have in which our patience are able to rejoice a good vision again without surgeries. We also provide online consultation and have to pay very nominal charges for it. Our payment mode is safe and easy, so do not worry how to pay. To know more about best ayurvedic treatment of eye diseases in Udaipur contact us at 24*7.