Ayurveda Therapies


It is a very important pre operative procedure which is done before all the mainstream Panchakarma procedures. Medicated Oil massage is done on the body for 30 to 45 minutes time. It helps to relieve the aches, body stiffness, nerve pains and weaknesses. It provides strength to the body and helps in the balance of the Vata dosha.


It is a process in which the medicated oil, medicated buttermilk, herbal decoction or herbal milk is poured on the forehead for a prescribed time duration of approx 45 minutes. It helps to cure mental and neurological weakness, reduced sleep, headache and many other neurological diseases. It can balance all three doshas depending on the medicine used.


In this procedure warm medicated oil is kept in a leather bag which is fitted on the head. The duration of this procedure is approx 45 minutes. It has the same benifits as that of Shirodhara and is more powerful in nature. It is specifically used in cases of facial palsy, optic nerve atrophy and other advanced neurological diseases.

Swedanam (Steam Bath)

It is a poorvakarma procedure and generally done after Abhyanga. It helps in the balancing of Vata and Kapha doshas. It makes the body to feel lighter and the toxicity is expelled out of the body in the form of sweat. It also helps in weight reduction.

Avagaha Sweda

It is a procedure which is a type of swedana (sudation). In this, the patient is made to sit in a tub containing herbal decoction for a specified period of time. It is very helpful in the treatment of certain diseases like gynaec, anorectal diseases, uro genital, etc.


In this procedure, a cotton piece dipped in warm medicated oil is kept on the the specific part of the body. The part can be head, lumbar region, specific joint, cervical region etc. It helps to reduce pain and balances the functions of Vata dosha.


This therapy is mainly done for obese patients as it has the potential to burn the body fat. Warm Herbal powder alone or mixed medicated oils is rubbed on the body in a specified manner with moderate pressure. This can be followed by herbal steam bath also.


This is the bathing of the whole body or a localized part of the body with warm medicated oils followed by mild massage. It is a very powerful procedure to treat the tough Vata disorders like Paralysis, Arthritis, Gout, Muscular Dystrophy and many other neuro muscular diseases.

ElaKizhi (Patra Pinda Swedan)

Elakizhi is a procedure meant for dual benifits of snehan and swedan. In this procedure fresh medicated leaves are fried with medicated oils and then tied in a linen cloth in the form of a bolus. This bolus is then rubbed on the affected part of the body by dipping in heated oil. It is effective in musculoskeletal diseases and body pains.


The powdered herbs are mixed with some suitable liquid like warm water, buttermilk or any oil and are applied on a localized part of the body. Generally it is done to redue the pain in Arthritis, Muscular inflammation, Neck Pain and Back Pain.

Sneha Paanam

The consumption of medicated ghee for the oleation and lubrication of the body in many disease conditions is called as Internal Snehan. The high dose of ghee meant for the purpose of detoxification before Vaman or Virechan is called as Snehapanam. It requires the strict monitoring of an Ayurveda expert.

Thalam / Thala Pothichil

In Thalam, medicated oils mixed with paste of herbal drugs are kept on the center of the head. When it is left open then it is called as Thalam and when covered with a plant leaf is called as Thala pothichil. They both are very much effective in treating many psycho somatic disorders.


Filling of the warm medicated oil in the ears by doing sudation around it is called as Karnapooranam. It is very effective in many diseases of ear like Tinnitus, Deafness, Itching of ears and many others.


It is the fresh preparation of medicated paste mixed with multiple herbs in the semi solid consistency. It should be little warm while applying over the affected area. The paste is covered with the medicated leave or the cotton tied in a bandage. Generally used in the pain diseases like Arthritis, Cervical Spondylosis.


In this procedure, a dam is prepared with the dough around the eye. The medicated ghee is then poured in that well for a specified time period and the patient needs to blink consistently. The selection of medicine depends on the nature of the disease, This is useful in many degenerative diseases of eye like High Myopia, Squint, Age Related Macular Degeneration, Retinitis Pigmentosa.


Expulsion of the toxins out of the body by medicated induced vomiting is called as Vaman. This is one powerful procedure of mains Panchakarma. The patient has to be prepared by optimum levels of Snehapan, Abhyanga and Swedan. It is very effective in skin diseases like Psoriasis, Leucoderma, Migraine, Thyroid dysfunctions, Obesity, Respiratory diseases etc.


Expulsion of the toxins out of the body by means of induced purgation is called as Virechana. It is also one procedure of main Panchakarma. It also demand well preparation of patient by Snehan and Swedan. It is effective in treating diseases like Jaundice, Skin diseases, Paralysis, Slip Disc, Infertility and many Autoimmune Diseases.


Pouring the medicine in the form of eye drops inside the eyes is called as Aschyotana. Many options of Aschyotana are available like making the herbal decoctions mixed with many additives. It can be adoted in all the eye diseases by chosing the appropriate combination of the medicines.


It is one of the mainstream Panchakarma procedure. Medicated powder, oil, ghee or the herbal decoctions are poured inside the nostrils according to the dosha involved. It cleanses the organs above the neck and strengthens the nervous system.


Raktamoksha is a procedure in which controlled blood letting is done from a specified part of the body by using vaccum cups leaches or the surgical needles and blades. This is helpful in many skin diseases linke non healing ulcers, eczema, hair loss, tumors, Jaundice and many others.

Katee Vasti

In this a well is formed on the lower back area by dough and the same is filled with the suitable medicated oil. The temperature is generally kept warm. The duration of the treatment is approx 30 to 45 minutes. It provides strength to the lower back muscles and the spinal nerves. It is helpful in lower back pain, slipped disc, lumbar spondylosis, scaitica and muscles stiffness.

Netra Dhara

In this treatment, herbal decoction is poured in the nasal canthus of the eyes. There can be many choices of the medicine depending on the diseases nature. This process is done multiple times. This is followed by some other procedures also like kizhi swedan, Anjana and Aschyotana also.

Jaanu Vasti

This process is almost same as that of Kati Vasti. The only difference is that of place. The well is formed from dough on the knees and filled with warm medicated oils. This is useful in osteoarthritis and provides strength to the connecting muscles, ligaments, cartrilages and the whole joint.


In this procedure medicines in suspension form are inserted inside the rectum or the genitourinarry tract using a specific instrument called as vasti yantra. It is the most powerful Panchakarma procedure to balance all the three doshas of body and specifically the Vata dosha.It has a vast area of action from neurological diseases, skin diseases, metabolic diseases, Infertility, Rheumatic spectrum and autoimmune diseases.