What is Nasyakarma?

The nasal part is the doorway to consciousness and path to our inner pharmacy. Medications that are administered through the nasal passage affect the mind prana, vata, tarpaka kapha and sadhaka pitta. Apply nasya on an empty stomach an hour before or after a shower in which nasal drops are administered in both the nostrils.

Then lie down with the head tilted back. Sniff deeply to allow the nasya to penetrate. Most of the body’s humor accumulates in the throat, sinus, nose and head area. So, the nasal administration of medication is done through Nasya in Ayurveda. This Nasya in Ayurveda reduces all prana disorders, sinus congestion, convulsions, migraine headaches, and some certain eye and ear problems, through nasal massage, breathing can also be improved. This nasya ayurvedic treatment can be used by an individual. Every morning and evening to release the blocked emotions in the respiratory treatments.

Types of Nasya -

1. Virechana Nasya

In this type dry powders are blown into the nose with the help of a tube. This procedure is used to treat diseases related to kapha such as heaviness in the heat, cold, nasal congestion, sticky eyes due to sticky kapha, sinusitis. Virechana or Pradhamana nasya can also treat chronic diseases like cervical lymphadenitis and tumors. A traditional powder like Brahmi is used for this nasya therapy.

2. Bruhana Nasya

In this type, mainly ghee, oils, salt, Shatavari ghee, ashwagandha ghee, and medicated milk are used to cure vata disorders. It is considered that this nasya is proved beneficial in curing vata diseases like headaches, migraine headaches, dry nose dizziness, and emptiness.  Negative thoughts can also be banished through this treatment. In some cases, if the person is suffering from bursitis, dry sinuses, the heaviness of eyelids, stiffness in the neck and loss of sense of smell, Bruhana Nasya helps to be the best.

3. Shaman Nasya

It is used according to the dosha which is aggravated in the human body. Mainly it is used to treat the disorders of pitta like thinning of hair, ringing in the ears and conjunctivitis. Generally, herbal medicated decoction, medicated oils, and teas are used as the medicine in shaman nasya. It is also known as Sedative Nasya.

4. Navana Nasya

This nasya therapy is used to cure the disorders caused by vata-pitta or Kapha pitta doshas. Decoction and medicated oils are poured through nostrils of the person undergoing this treatment. The substances which are used for this procedure are Brahmi juice (for pitta) and Vacha juice for kapha or vata.

5. Marshya Nasya

Marshya therapy is mainly administered to cure any discomfort or uneasiness occurring from a particular disease. It makes the use of ghee or oil to treat the disease.

6. Pratimarshya

This nasya therapy is administered by inserting the dipping little finger in ghee or oil into nostrils to lubricate on a daily basis. After inserting the dipped clean finger into nostrils, it becomes soft by giving a gentle massage. The deep nasal tissues are opened up by doing this. The stress and anxiety can be released up to a great extent by applying Pratimarshya Nasya.

Benefits of Nasya Treatment

The benefits of Nasya are as follows-
1. Pain Management: – Medicated oils and powders can stimulate the vital centers of the brain and reduce pain perception. It is helpful in curing headache, migraine and cervical spondylosis.
2. Stress Reduction: – Nasyakarma includes the administration of medicated oils and drugs through nostrils. So, it helps in regulating emotions.
3. De- Toxification: – Nasyakarma is the part of Panchkarma and equally important Ayurvedic detoxification therapy.
4. Skin and Hair Care: – Nasyam can improve skin complexion with regular treatment. It helps in preventing greying of hair and improves their texture.
5. Paralysis: – Nose is the reaching doorway to the brain as mentioned in Ayurveda. So, whenever any medicine is instilled in nasal cavity, it acts straight on brain.
6. Elderly Care: – This treatment can also be used in disorders that occur due to increasing age like stress, pain, paralysis.
7. Immunity: – Immunity boosting herbs are also used in Nasyam which helps people increase their immunity.
8. Eye Care: – All medications which are administered through nasal passage act on a specific area of the brain which is involved in regulating the vision.
9. Mental Health: – It also helps the brain to improve mood and emotions. So, no doubt the mental health of a person becomes strong.