Ayurvedic Eye Treatment

What is Ayurvedic Eye Treatment?

As we all know that eye is the most beautiful gift of nature for mankind. Nothing is valuable if anyone is deprived of vision. There is a bundle of books written about the beauty of the eyes. There can be about the beauty of the eyes. There can be seen a great increase in many dreadful. These diseases are completely responsible for vision loss. Retinitis pigmentosa, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, glaucoma, dry eyes and many more are increasing day by day. Since ancient times, there is a special branch of Ayurvedic Ophthalmology in Ayurveda Classics. Nowadays, Ayurvedic eye treatment is getting more and more popular. Ayurveda is holistic in nature, so, it offers a successful treatment for all the diseases of retina and nerves.
For the best eye treatment in India, Ayurvedic therapies like Netradhara, Narya, Anjanam, Shirodhara, Tharpana, etc. are done in a specialized way.
According to the Vedic knowledge of Ayurveda, there is a total of 5 elements that constitute the matter forming the perfect condition of eyes. Earth (Prithvi) governs the muscular component of the eye, fire(tejas) controls the vessels of blood, air(vayu) organizes the color and water(apu) governs the white area and space (akasha) authorizes the tear ducts and channels. Our eyes are also governed by Alochaka Pitta, a subdosha of Pitta. This dosha becomes less balanced according to our growing terms of age. So, it is completely imperative to heed your eyes during the entire course of life.

Ayurvedic Eye Treatment Procedure

Ayurvedic Eye treatment comprises maintaining a balance of 3 doshas in many ways. The main aim of all procedures is just to prevent the degenerative process and to restore the vision. All the therapies help in correcting the metabolism of the cells as well as stimulating the regeneration of the optic nerves and retinal cells.
The main treatment procedures are the following:

  1. Tharpana
  2. Nethradhara
  3. Anjanam
  4. Aschotanam
  5. Nasya
  6. Virechana
  7. Shirodhara
  8. Shirovasti
  9. Pindi
  10. Vidalaka


This procedure is highly powerful and rejuvenates the eyes. Gram part is applied around the eyes area which works as the appearance of a well. Then the medicated ghee is poured into the eyes for the time period according to the condition of the disease. The medicated ingredients of ghee start the process of regeneration and in this way, vision is restored.

  • Ghee and oil are prepared out of herbal drugs (Jeevanti, triphala, potato, jeevaniya, milk, gana etc.) Putapaka.
  • Often putapaka is done after tharpana.
  • After tharpanam the eye srothas are filled with tharpanam graham So that putapaka can facilitate the absorption and assimilation.


Nethradhara is a process of pouring the liquid of medicine (kashayam) into the inner canthus of the eyes from a required height for the recommended number of times as per the condition. This natural eye treatment helps to clean the channels (srotas) of the eye and perform detoxification at the cellular level.
The medicine is used in Lukewarm temperature if the condition of vata, kapha along with pitta is involved.


It is a process of applying of medicaments in the form of a paste into the conjunctival fornices with the help of an applicator (Salaka) Anjanam has a broad spectrum of application of medicine in the field of ophthalmology. This procedure can be used as both, as a treatment as well as a preventive measure.


It is a process of application of liquid medicine as the eye drop. It is often advised in the early stage of any eye disease. This is counted as adyaupakrama few (8-10 drops) of medicine which is made up of leaves bark and fruit etc. are instilled. It is applied in the Kaneda Sandhi from a convenient distance of 1 to 2 inches.
Fresh Amruta Sheegru, durva, bhumyamlaki, etc. drugs are used.


In this procedure, medicated oil is poured in both the nostrils. It is the nasal administration of medication. It is an effective therapy for every systemic disorder especially the one related to the head and neck. The toxins accumulated in this area are come out via this route. According to Ayurveda classics, nostrils are the doors to the brain.


This is a purificatory procedure which is used in eliminating the vitiated doshas in much quantity with less stress. It ayurvedic eye treatment is greatly effective in diseases like jaundice, skin disorders. Bronchial asthma, Hemiplegia, and many eye disorders.  It is the purgative treatment that cleanses small intestine and all related pitta dominant organs like gallbladder, liver, and pancreas. It helps to eliminate pitta related toxins in the form of inflammatory secretions.


In this process, a liquid type of medicine is poured. Thailam (medicated oil) or thakram (medicated buttermilk) are the liquid medicines that are constantly poured for a time period of 50-60 minutes on the temple. This natural eye treatment helps in curing mental stress, nervous disorders, anxiety, insomnia, and migraine.


In this procedure, warm medicated oil (thailam) is retained in a cap kind of structure fitted on the head. Usually, this procedure is done for 35-50 minutes for a time period of 7 days. This ayurvedic eye treatment is considered as one of the best treatments for ahead. This is an excellent therapy for all nerve problems like insomnia, facial paralysis, insomnia, depression and serves headaches.

Preventions for Healthy Eyes

  • Neve prefers to watch T.V. for a long period of time as it can generate strain in eyes and can cause myopia.
  • It is better than you can watch T.V with periodic intervals and from a sufficient distance only.
  • An ideal amount of light is necessary while reading or working. But always stay away from excessively bright light or chronic exposure to dim light.
  • Follow the complete routine of rest mentioned in Ayurveda and always take a proper amount of sleep.
  • In the morning, splatter your face and eyes with cold or Luke warm water for 5 to 10 minutes. Repeat the same process again in the evening.
  • Add only healthy food to your diet.

Eye Exercise

Exercises play a vital role in strengthening the muscles of your eyes and relieving stress. There are some effective treatment measures through eye exercise which are mentioned below:

  • Sit in the position of Sukhasana with your legs crossed and keep your spine, neck, and head in a line. Now, gaze straight slowly. It is the posture of readiness.
  • Now, take your eyes upward to the ceiling and wait for 2 seconds. Then glance downwards and settle again for 2 seconds. 
  • Stare towards the straight plane, till the distance your eyes for tenure for 2 seconds. Look at the left-hand side for 2 seconds. Now glance back to the front again.
  • Close your eyes now for a period of 6 to 8 seconds.
  • This is complete one round. Initiate with 2 to 3 rounds and add up to 4 rounds. It will help in relieving strain, strengthening the eye muscles, and enhancing cognitive performance. This is an effective eye exercise to improve vision.