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Ayurveda Treatment helped the desperate patient of Macular Degeneration

This is a success story of a patient suffering from hereditary disease Macular Degeneration who got relief after taking treatment from Ayurveda. English translation of the same is as under : Indian system of medicine has shown its magic and returned the vision of such a patient who was disappointed from every place for his vision. Macular Degeneration is a genetic disease in which patient approaches blindness gradually. Dr. Dinesh Sharma, An Ayurvedic Eye Specialist who did this magical deed told that he came to know about Hemant's disease in a medical camp held at Ajmer. He advised the patient to come to his Ayurvedic eye hospital at Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan. There after examination, he found that the patient can read only 2 lines of the vision chart.

Schedule of the treatment at Hospital

Treatment started on 4th August. For 1st seven days, patient was given snehapana with medicated clarified butter in a dose of 75 ml. daily which gradually increased to 200 ml. on 7th day. Along with that procedures like Shirodhara, Nethradhara and other topical eye drops were used. On 8th day early morning, patient was given virechana treatment with 50 ml. castor. Next day onwards, Tharpana started. In this process, a dam is made around the eye balls with black gram dough and is filled with medicated ghee (clarified butter). On 18th August, patient was discharged from the hospital with a visual acuity of capacity of reading 4 lines of vision chart from right eye and 3 lines from left eye. On 29th August, again after examination he was able to read 5 lines of vision chart. The team of Ayurveda doctors headed by Dr. Dinesh Sharma, is highly excited after getting success in a short span of time in this so called incurable disease.

Ayurveda gave light in Eyes

Traditional Ayurvedic Therapies can help in congenital Cataract. Ayurveda has brought a beautiful gift of light in the lives of two children 12 years old Yogeshwari and 10 years Omveer who were suffering from congenital cataract. Ayurveda has shown a path of light in these desperate children who have already undergone 2 surgeries and the treatment of dozens of doctors. After a treatment of one month by Dr. Dinesh Sharma at Prakash Nethralaya and Panchakarma Kendra at Jawahar Nagar Jaipur, the children can see from a distance of one and a half meter. Surgery is the only choice in Allopathy for this disease. Grandchildren of Madanlal Nawaria who resides at Agra Road Jaipur, were suffering from congenital cataract. Family members consulted and took treatment at many places including two surgeries but they did not get any result. Retina and optic nerves got strengthened after the treatment of one month. Dr. Dinesh Sharma, who is treating these children told that some more improvement is still expected with this ongoing Ayurvedic eye treatment.

Ayurveda Gave new Light in Eyes

She had bleeding eyes. Vision was deteriorating gradually. This lady who is resident of Meerut, had spent a lot on treatment of diabetic retinopathy but could not get results. She got new light and good improvement in vision after taking treatment at Prakash Nethralaya & Panchakarma Kendra : An Ayurvedic Eye & General Hospital. The consultant Dr. Dinesh Sharma told that this 36 years old lady was suffering from uncontrolled diabetes since last 20-25 years. Her retinal blood vessels had become weak. Left eye was bleeding and blood clots started to deposit on retina. Then there was vitreous hemorrhage in left eye which blocked the vision completely. Vision of second eye was also deteriorating continuously. According to Dr. Sharma, this patient came to him for treatment in 2009. She was treated with Ayurvedic eye treatments like thakradhara, nethradhara and tharpana. After these treatments, she has improved a lot in the left eye. Monica Gupta told to Rajasthan Patrika that she is now able to read even.

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