Poorva Karma

What is Purvakarma?

Viitated Doshas are always located in the body parts where the disease is produced. All Doshas are to be collected into the kostha from where they are eliminated through Panchakarma, for collecting all Doshas(toxins) in the alimentary canal Snehana (oleation therapy) and svedana (sweating therapy) are done. Both the therapies snehana and svedana play an important role not only as Purvakarma but also works as a line by preparatory measures. Before, the actual procedure of purification/detoxification begins, there is a great need to prepare the body for the required methods to encourage it to let go of the toxins. So, there are five procedures of Purvakarma Ayurveda.

Procedures of Purvakarma -

1. Snehana

This therapy makes the body soft and disintegrates the toxins. There are two types of snehana i.e. Internal Snehana and External Snehana. In internal snehana medicated Siddha Ghrita or medicated Siddha Taila is used orally according to the dose prescribed by the doctor, this oil or ghee is known as sneha. It works as a lubricant and helps to reduce the dryness of the body. In external snehana there are included all kinds of body massage with the help of Sneha advised by the instructor. This therapy is beneficial for all skin disorders. Snehana is also executed to the patients of vamana and virechana.

2. Svedana

This therapy (fomentation/ sweating helps to remove toxins from the body by melting them through the process. Svedana is followed by snehana which implies wet or dry fomentation or heat therapy. According to the need of the body and condition of a patient, there are different types of fomentation therapies. There is mainly a sunbath, sitting in a bathtub, a steam bath, pouring hot water on the body or sitting in a wooden sweatbox. Swedana Ayurveda can be applied for the diseased part to the whole body or the perineal part as per the requirement of the patient. Various warm poultices like cloth, heat pads, sandbags and liquids like warm water, water with milk, medicated oils and herbal potions can be used for this fomentation therapy. But each and every part of the procedure should be carried out under the supervision of Ayurvedic specialist.

3.Sarvang or Ekang Abhyang

Mind and body, both are prepared for smooth functioning from Abhyang. It is good for all body types and maintains a balance in all three doshas. Toxins and impurities which accumulate in the skin can be released by Abhyanga. By this way, it helps in relieving for stiffness and pressure in the cervical spondylitis. It also prevents premature greying of hair and stimulates the circulation of shoulders and head. Shirobarti, Pidicchil, Shirodhara (pouring of Luke warm milk), oil, decoction on the affected part of the whole body.

4. Shirodhara Ayurveda

This term ‘Dhara’ means flow and refer to pre – Panchakarma therapy. It also helps to unlock the channels of mind and body to cure the disease.  thisShirodhara treatment relaxed the mind by influencing the central nervous system. Some liquid medicaments like (herbal oil, ghee, milk) are administered in this therapy. So, this therapy is an ideal way for many disorders like mental stress, and disorders related to throat, nose, ear, neuralgia, alcoholism, depression, and paralysis, etc.

5. Karnapurana

This is the therapy in which oil is instilled into the ear for cleansing it through ear candles which assist in the exclusion of ear wax by creating a vacuum inside the candle. All the vata disorders are treated by it. thisKarnapurana procedure provides and increases vigor, strength, and restfulness. Internal and External orientation is done before pradhankarma.

Benefits of Purvakarma

Both the therapies snehana and svedana are very beneficial for many diseases. Snehana subsides the provocation of vata, makes the body soft and loosens the mala(waste) while on the other hand, svedana brings the toxins and waste matter to the alimentary canal by liquefying it. Then, it becomes easy to excrete through the measures of Panchakarma.
  • It helps healthy patients maintain good health and ill patients to improve their health
  • These procedures help in the balance and normal, active functioning of the body
  • Most heavy metals and waste products are purged out of the body
  • Our body feels rejuvenated and starts functioning in a natural way as it requires
  • Prana stream of energy gets improved and it leads to spiritual and emotional comfort
  • It increases mental alertness, circulation, especially to the nerve ending
  • It also increases the level of stamina during the day and helps in better deeper sleep at night.