Eye Diseases

As we all know one of the most important parts of our sense organ is Eyes and it directly linked to the brain. It is a very sensitive organ which is extremely close to the working of human brain. So, it is incredibly significant to take proper care of your eyes because they are identified to reflect your personality.

There are various ways by which our eyes get affected in our daily routine, such as working condition, eating habits, airborne toxic exposure, impact of environment and many more. So our eyes are affected to great extent with various diseases. There are number of solutions available in Ayurveda for treatment of eye diseases.

For proper working of body there are three main doshas responsible and these are kapha, vata and pitta. Any type of imbalance in the amount of these doshas can make any one ill seriously. The working of these doshas is different parts of body. If there is imbalance in the proportion of these three ratios in eye it leads to eye diseases. Below mentioned are some main factors that can cause disparity in doshas :

  1. Any accidental injuries.
  2. Sudden change in the temperature of body.
  3. Taking excess tension and stress can also harm the eye tissues.
  4. Too much sun exposure and steam bath.
  5. Seeing distant object on regular basis causes eye disorders.
  6. Varying sleep patterns because of shift job causes strain or stress in eye that can lead to different issues.
  7. Excess sexual intercourse.
  8. Consuming oily, spicy and sour food in excess amount.

What are the measures to be adopted to avoid eye diseases?

  1. Avoid spicy, salty and sour food in excess.
  2. Less exposure to computer screen and television.
  3. Excess anger and stress should be avoided.
  4. Have a sound sleep.
  5. Protect eyes from pollution and dust.
  6. Avoid direct contact with strong sunlight, welding light, dust and smoke.
  7. It is good to do regular eye work out.

Ayurvedic eye treatments are extremely reliable and safe. Since they are not having any side effects. It is best to opt for Ayurvedic treatment for any eye disease. It not only treats your disease and protects them from any other disorders. Ayurveda treatment provides you best vision.