Dincharya Daily Life Routine

What is Dinacharya?

Ayurveda is all about balance in lifestyle. A healthy mind lives in a healthy body; what do you think affects how you feel physically and what you drink and eat leaves an effect on your mind.
In daily life, Ayurveda is based on Dinacharya. Din stands for day and Acharya refers to behaviors. Every person is prescribed to follow a daily routine in order to balance your doshas (biological energy of body and mind i.e. vatta, pitta, kapha) and to keep your Agni (digestion and metabolism) in a proper order If the routine is followed perfectly. It helps you to make the most of your life by purifying the wastes of the body and strengthening immunity.
Follow some necessary steps of your daily routine according to Ayurveda and say no to all physical and mental ailments.

1. Wake before dawn

Many of us do not suffer from the direct cause of disease but a bad routine. If you are in the habit of waking up late and commence your morning routing after lots of people have reached their workplaces then it is obvious that you will also suffer from any of the ailment in life sooner or later. So, working up before down is an essential part of the ideal daily routine Ayurveda. So, never think of moving towards the next step before settling upon the first step.

2. Natural Urges

Sunrise is the best time to relieve your body’s physical waste. Vata dosha rules the last portion of the night and is involved in the procedure of elimination. This Ayurveda daily routine helps to remove Kapha dosha which occurs naturally while sleeping. Defecation is essential once or twice a day. Fasting can be done to correct aby imbalance occurred in the body if you feel any change that indicates poor digestion during this process. Never suppress any physical urge of elimination as it can lead to discomfort and create diseases.

3. Cleanliness

It is the foremost step to live a healthy life as most of the diseases and imbalances occur with an infection. So you must cleanse your body and purify your sense organs on a daily basis. The mouth is the breeding ground for bacteria. So, everyday brush your teeth after each meal and keep your tongue clean. Sliva is very good for the eyes. So, hold some lukewarm water in your mouth and then wash your eyes with it. Always keep your mauls well-trimmed and wear clean clothes. Ayurveda daily routine can make a big difference in how you feel about yourself by being clean.

4. Exercise

Exercises are of two types: Active and Passive. A combination of both exercises keeps you strong and healthy. Both are helpful in increasing mental physical strength.
Active exercise includes walking, swimming, yoga and any activity(physical) which raises your heart rate and causes you to sweat. Passive exercise is related to a massage which helps in blood circulation and disposal of waste. Exercises reduce anxiety, increase stamina and make your body to be more resistant to diseases if they are done on a regular basis. Exercise varies on age and body type. If you have a dominant Kapha. Your body can handle more intense exercise routine. While pitta, you can do moderate exercise. But yoga and exercise work best for you if you have a dominant vata.

5. Massage

A regular self and professional (occasionally) massage can make anyone’s routing pleasant and wonderful. Massage controls excess vata by reducing its dry, light, cold, rough and erratic qualities and makes your skin supple. It also enhances blood circulation, removal of metabolic waste. So, always use herbal oil and massage comfortably towards the direction of your natural hair growth. Massage of your scalp is also essential once in a week.

6. Meditation

Meditation is the best way to calm and discipline the mind. It reduces stress and works best just after a bath because at this time your body is thoroughly cleansed. Meditation can nourish the body if done correctly. This Ayurveda daily routine helps to control the diseases and is the best way to immortality and longevity. The best way to meditate involves the sun and its orange color which is considered productive and nourishing for mind and body. The practice will only act as the first line of defense against any destabilizing influence of an external environment.

7. Employment

This is a common fact that success and failure in our work can affect our self-confidence and self-worth. So, keep a thing in mind that you should match the nature of work with your Prakriti as much as possible.
Vata Prakriti people love their work which needs sudden bursts of intense energy. These kinds of people need enough rest during the afternoon. They should carry a job of their interest so that they could avoid imbalance.
Pitta people are little practical but they are not much original in their behavior. They are aggressive and self-promoting by nature. That is why such people should avoid physically irritating work like welding or metal casting.
Kapha people are big administrators because of their stability and balance. They should ensure that although they might not be physically active their leisure time should be.

8. Sleep

Sound sleep can promote the growth of a person at a state of physical and mental relaxation. The night is the only natural time to sleep but if you want to have a nap during the day should not be more than 15 minutes except for the condition if you are old, weak, diseased, exhausted and intoxicated.

Benefits of Ayurveda Daily Routine

1. Connection with nature: – Ayurveda routine helps in connecting with nature and makes you conscious of your natural surroundings. Make sure that you leave in peace, comforting your body in the lap of nature.
2. Prevention of Diseases: – You should promote a healthy lifestyle as it strengthens your immunity and protects you from getting ill.
3. Release of Stress: – Ayurveda routine releases the stress and anxiety from the body and mind when meditating and massaging are done on a regular basis.
4. Digestion and Absorption: – This Ayurveda daily routine helps the body to absorb and digest the nutrients from food if a proper pattern of meal timings and the required amount of food is followed.
5. Happiness: – Following daily routine according to Ayurveda, removes all the worries and anxiety from your life. Thus, it brings you happiness.