Dincharya (Daily Life Routine)

Ayurveda enlightens a way of life that ensures an ideally fit body and longevity for the person. This is the reason why it is important for you to get familiar with the important steps through which you can easily transform your feeble body into a highly enduring one.

These are some of the daily household steps that you can easily implement in life and get benefited out of the same. There is no requirement of undergoing any sort of medical guidelines, scientific equipments, rigorous health training, just follow the below mentioned steps and it is completely assured that you would acquire far better results that you could have ever imagined. Make the following 9 steps an integral part of your Dincharya and say farewell to all sorts of physical and mental ailments:

  1. Wake Before Down:  Most of us do not suffer from the direct cause of ailment but a bad routine. If you are habitual to waking up till late and commence your morning routine by the time when most of the people have reached their office then it is quite obvious that you will suffer from one or the other ailment in life sooner or later on. So waking up before dawn is the first condition to an ideal Dincharya. Without settling upon the first step, it is not feasible to proceeding towards the remaining steps.
  2. Tongue Scraping: Just after waking up, it is important to scrape your tongue so that all the prevailing dirt on the pathway of the mouth could be eradicated in no time. It is an undeniable fact that most of the ailments of the body are generated through stomach and this is the reason why it is essential to keep the tongue clean on daily basis.
  3. Neti Pot: Go for the usage of Neti Pot. It plays a very pivotal role in the nasal irrigation and it is really very beneficial for the individuals suffering from sinus problems and other sorts of allergy symptoms. If you are not suffering from any kind of nasal or throat allergy then also the consumption through it is really beneficial.
  4. Nasya Oil: It is basically herbally infused powerful oil that helps in acquiring an ideal cleansing process. The oil sooths and shields the nasal passages and assists in relieving from various disorders.
  5. Warm Water with Lemon/ Lime: Having Lime or lemon with the warm water is always beneficial for the stomach. It will rejuvenate your digestive and metabolic process and help you commence your day in the best way.
  6. Sesame Oil: Apply sesame oil on the body, muscles and joints to render warmth and motor vitality to muscles and veins.
  7. Evacuate: A good bowel movement is very important to kick-start the day in the best way. Try to include fiber in your diet and have ample amount of water for smoother evacuation of the waste from the body.
  8. Abhyanga: It is a form of Ayurvedic therapy in which includes the complete massage of the body with an ample quantity of warm oil.
  9. Yoga Practice: A very essential part of Dincharya to commence the routine and enjoy a perfect health. Ask today about the best Yoga forms meant for your body from your Yoga specialist.