Another Case Study on Treatment of Retinitis Pigmentosa

Retinitis Pigmentosa is the disease related to eye. In this disease the retina of the eye gets damaged. Retina is responsible for converting the light images into nerve signals and then sends it to the brain. It is composed of some layer of tissues, which is at the back of the inner part of the eye.

This disease can also be inherited genetically. In this disease rods gets more affected, where in some cases the condition of retinal cone cells also get worsen. The major reason behind the occurrence of this disease is the dark deposition in retina.

Sushila, age 20 years, is a girl who is suffering from the same problem. She visited our hospital Prakash Nethralaya and Panchkarma Kendra in the year 2013. She was very upset, as she was unable to find the solution to get a proper treatment. Sushila was using very high power glasses, so she just wanted something which will help her to remove those glasses for ever. She, with the help of our skilled and expert doctors, underwent some treatment, where we came to know that her eyes are severely affected from the ill-effects of Retinitis Pigmentosa. So we did some more internal treatments to know the root cause of this disease. Sushila also explained that her grandfather was having the same problem. This information helped a lot.

We consulted our most senior doctor and also the H.O.D. of this hospital Dr. Dinesh Sharma. He also examined all the reports of Sushila and told her that there is no problem; she will be fine, but after following the regular treatment. Sushila asked Dr. Dinesh that whether she has to face any side-effects after the treatment, then the doctor explained her that the best thing with Ayurveda is that it is free from side-effects and the reason behind this is that all the medicines are prepared with the help of different herbals. After hearing all these things she was relaxed and started the medicines prescribed by the doctor. After the period of 8 months she felts better and the condition of her eye was also improved. Earlier she was using glass of 6/36 in her left eye but after 8 months her power was 6/12. She was very happy with it and continued the medication until she got properly and completely cured.