Case Study on Ayurvedic Treatment of Dry Eyes

Dry eye is a very common disease which arises from the disorder of normal tear film of eye.?The major consequences arising from this disease are reduced production of tears, more tear?evaporation. It also results into a deformity in the generation of lipids or mucus which is?generally found in the tear layer of human eye. This deformity is generally caused by?excessive evaporation or poor production of aqueous layer. It is also known as (KCS) Kerato?Conjunctivitis Sicca. It generally affects the people who are older than 40 years. Dry eye?is very common in women as compared to the men.

A 24-year old patient came up to our hospital for a regular eye treatment because he was?feeling some type of irritation and dryness in his eyes. Upon proper check up, we came to?know that he was suffering from the syndrome of Dry eyes. His eyes were extremely weak and?the vision was soon going to get effected to a very large extent. He was having problems in?reading also. After internal examination, many new things came out about the syndrome and?condition of his eyes which needed extreme attention and treatment. So Dr. Dinesh Sharma,?senior doctor and HOD at Prakash Netralaya and Panchkarma Kendra, advised him to get?Schimmers Test in his eyes. This test also revealed certain issues about his eyes which?were previously unknown.

After this a formal treatment procedure started under the expert guidance of Dr. Dinesh?Sharma. He asked the patient to go for Ayurvedic treatment since it is extremely safe and?free from any kind of side effects and other issues. So Prateek continued the treatment for?few months. And now he is enjoying a quite better condition of his eyes which are very much?cured than the previous stage where he was in a danger of getting blind or a very severe eye / vision syndrome.