Case Study on Ayurvedic Treatment of Congenital Cataract

There are a number of reasons for the enhancing acceptance of Ayurveda. Although, in older times people used to follow Ayurvedic treatments since they were known to be extremely safe and secure along with being completely free from any kind of side effects. Now days with the development of several treatment techniques, the popularity of Ayurveda decreased because of it being comparatively slow in cure the disease. But the allopathic treatment became popular among the masses since this was the fastest treatment technology. The basic principle behind the allopathic treatment is that the effect disease is settled for a while so that patient can feel that the disease has left but in reality the disease is just forced to settle down with the help of strong synthetic medications. These medications, instead of curing the disease, settle it down and this disease again comes up with a double effect on the body. This regenerating disease is 100 times more dangerous than the previous attack. And this is what makes people suffer!

Same is the case with a 21 years old girl, named Shubhra. When she came to our hospital, she was extremely serious with her condition. He was suffering from multiple disorders. After going into depth, we came to know that she just had a little Tuberculosis while she started allopathic treatment for the same. But as she continued with the treatment, the medicines were so strong that they started effecting and causing harm to other parts of her body, including eyes. She experienced sudden deterioration of vision with the increasing amount of Ethambutol, which was given to her as a treatment for tuberculosis. With the increasing span of time, the tuberculosis medication started showing its ill effects. The girl got was also suffering from two more diseases namely, Macular Degeneration and Retinitis Pigmentosa which caused extreme damage to her eyes.

After all the primary checkups, she was sent to get treatment under the guidance of Dr. Dinesh Sharma, who is serving the Prakash Nethralaya and Panchakarma Kendra as HOD. He asked her to follow Panchakarma Treatment which is completely Ayurvedic and hence is free from any kind of expected or probable side effects of the medicine. With the course of time, Shubhra improved a lot and now she is living a perfectly healthy and prosperous life. All thanks to Ayurveda!!!