Case Study on Treatment of Uveitis

Patient Mr. Satish Yadav, a 37 year old gentleman from Narnaul, Haryana was suffering from panuveitis and was on heavy dose of steroids. Because of excess use of steroids, he developed several other ill effects on health and cataract in his eyes. The condition of eyes was worsening and vision was deteriorating continuously. Then he came to know about Prakash Nethralaya and ayurvedic treatment of Panuveitis. Here, also the vision of Dr. Dinesh Sharma helped this gentleman to withdraw his steroids without any ill effects on his eyes. Instead his vision improved a lot and cataract also reduced considerably. He was given indoor treatment for about 15 days. At the time of admission, his vision was cf 2mt. in rt. eye and 6/60(b) in lt eye. After continuous efforts, his vision was 6/24 in both of his eyes. He did not use any steroids from the very?1st day of ayurvedic treatment at Prakash Nethralaya.