A Testimonial For Ayurvedic Treatment Of Dry Eyes By Dr. Satyanarayan Vyas

I am a native of Ajmer. 0.44 months ago, I wrote about the treatment of retina disease by Kerala Prati through Daily Oscar and other newspapers, Gatha 1128. I also got the treatment of allopathy done by my son Hemant Kumar Prajapatika during the last five years from Rakesh Porwal, Ajmer, but Got the 1st blood test done without result for about 02 months, after this got the angiography done from Dr. Arun Kshetrapal, Machhari Road, ‘Dr. Punak continued for 0-4 months for Vasu and Aachar “Result was zero, after that 18:13 I did a two month course from Katanagar, Ayurvedic, it helped me get rid of Buddha’s eyes, it made me realize that there is no solid treatment except Ayurvedic. But Muru, my classmates told me that once you showed me to Dr. Manish Nagpal ji of Ahmedabad, who could not treat his daughter, then my father advised us to go to AIIMS hospital or dispute. In the meantime, he met Dr. Khugar, Ramganj, Ajmer, and Retita, specialist Dr. Vineet Pradhan, Jaipur. When he met me, he examined me and asked for medicines and smart tablets. Now I asked him, can Dr. Saheb give proper treatment to the child? He refused by saying that it is God’s will, then I said that you have said that it is God’s will, so whatever hard work we do.
- Satyanarayan Vyas