A Testimonial For Ayurvedic Treatment of Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP)

I am Chandrashekhar Pal, resident of Narch 24, Parguna, West Bengal. I am a patient of Retinitis Pigmento29 (R.P). I met many doctors for the treatment of my illness. Doctors told me that there is no treatment for this disease in Allopathy in the world. Research is still going on. After that I searched Redinitis Pigmentasa in Treatment is India on the Internet and came to know about Prakash Netralaya which has two hospital branches in Haryana and Rajasthan. Here Dr. Dinesh Sharma treats R.P. with Ayurvedic method. I met Dr. Dinesh Sharma in Jind, Haryana on 15.08.13. After check-up, he assured that my vision would improve and I was admitted to the hospital. My treatment started with Netradhara, Shirodhara,Nasya etc. Just after a week my Lt. Eye vision became 6/12 which was earlier 6/1* and started appearing more clearly in Rt eye but vision remained 5/24 before and after. Today on 03.09.13, after the tarpan etc., I will be discharged and go home. I am staying. Today my vision is 17. 6/9 in T and [RI. Eye has become 6/18 (Bantiar). Today I am able to see more clearly than before and I am happy. I would like to tell all the patients of R.P. not to be disappointed and for Ayurvedic treatment, consult Dr. Dinesh Sharma at Prakash Netralaya. Contact us. While coming from West Bengal to Haryana, I and my family had many apprehensions and various emotions in my mind, but today while going back home, we are going back with excitement and enthusiasm in life. The environment of the hospital and the behavior of Dr. Dinesh Sharma and Dr. Pooja Sharma is encouraging. Prakash Netralaya is a ray of hope for the patients who are disappointed with retina diseases. My best wishes will always be with Prakash Netralaya.
- Chandrashekhar Pal