Age Related Macular Degeneration

Age related macular degeneration is a disease of central retina. There occurs progressive loss of central vision. It affects person after the age of 55 and is a leading cause of blindness. Macula is the part of central retina which helps in sharp focused vision and color vision with the progress of macular degeneration, eye loses its strength to focus on distant objects and vision becomes hazy.


  • Progressive diminishing vision
  • Seeing a black spot in the central field of vision
  • Difficulty to face bright light
  • Seeing floaters and flashes in the field of vision


  1. Dry AMD - It accounts for more than 90% of dry AMD is lesser than the wet type. There occurs deposition of protein and fat containing drusen in the central cells of retina
  2. Wet AMD – It accounts for about 10% cases of AMD. There occurs leakage of fluid and blood from the blood vessels of the central retina making it puffy and swollen. Weak and abnormal blood vessels are grown in retina which are very fragile. This process is called as neovascularisation. Wet AMD cause sharp and sudden loss of vision.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Adapt healthy life style
  • Strictly avoid smoking and alcohol
  • Have a regular eye check up and other physiological parameters like blood pressure , Cholesterol, blood sugar etc.
  • Take diet rich in vitamin A and C
  • Avoid heavy exercise and weight bearing activities

Home Remedies

  • Make a mixture of fennel 100 g, ashwagandha 100 g, black pepper 10 g, almond 100 g. Take 1 tsp twice daily with milk.
  • Soak a cotton piece in rose water and keep on closed eyes.

Ayurvedic treatment of AMD

According to ayurveda Dry AMD is a disease caused by vitiated vata dosha  and in wet AMD pitta gets associated with vata dosha . The aim of treatment is to pacify these concerned doshas. In dry type rejuvenating medicines [rasayanas] are given to nourish the damaged and weakened retinal cells. In wet type, the priority is to reduce the swelling caused by leakage in blood vessels. Once macular  edema subsides, then nourishing medicines strengthen the retinal cells. Procedures like shirodhara nethradhara, lepa over eyes, tharpana etc are potent enough not only to check the progression of the disease but also to provide clarity in vision.