Ayurvedic Treatment of Lazy Eye or Amblyopia

Improve the Vision of Lazy Eye in Children through Ayurvedic Treatment & Panchakarma Procedures

Watch This Video to Understand your disease, its Ayurvedic Diagnosis and Know How Ayurveda Treats it effectively

Watch This Video to Understand your disease, its Ayurvedic Diagnosis and Know How Ayurveda Treats it effectively

Amblyopia Treatment in India 

Improve the Vision of Lazy Eye in Children throughout Amblyopia Treatment in India. Amblyopia disease needs effective treatment and here we have experts that provide an ayurvedic cure for amblyopia. In this disease, the eyesight is disturbed and not connected equally. It is reduced visualization in one eye, and that is an abnormal visual disease that needs effective treatment. Lazy Eye or amblyopia is the coordination between the eyes and the brain. This disease is not normal for the future if at the right age you started treatment for it then yes you will fight this disease and get a permanent cure. The Ayurvedic Treatment is the best for amblyopia and it involves medication and Panchakarma therapies to relieve the symptoms and improve vision effectively.

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Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) Ayurvedic Treatment

Lazy eye treatment in Ayurveda involves Ayurvedic medicines, Panchakarma therapies like Annalepana, Tharpana, Netradhara, eye patching, and a few lazy eye exercises. The patient needs to take a minimum of 2-3 courses of Ayurvedic procedures for duration of 10-15 days for full relief. Children below 7 years of age, Ayurveda therapies for concerning 15 days in the Ayurvedic hospital, patching work out, and Ayurveda medicines progress the condition significantly. We earned an expertise by our valuable years of experience that helps us to treat the Correcting the lifestyle and changes in food habits are as well advised. In a non-cooperative child below 5 years of age, the doctor starts the treatment only with medicines' help. Acceptance of specific herbal food recipes assists a lot in the progression of vision.

A personal online video consultation clears all the doubts and decides the exact line of treatment.

What is Amblyopia or Lazy Eye? 

Amblyopia or the lazy eye is a visual disorder that disturbs normal visual power. It is the outcome of a lack of coordination between the brain and the eyes. It usually affects one eye, and the vision of the other one remains perfect or better than the affected eye. In most children below seven years of age, Amblyopia or lazy eye can be better even up to 100% levels. Child Patients above seven years of age but less than 15 years of age can get some improvement in vision. Generally, Patients above 15 years of age do not demonstrate any improvement. So, if your child is suffering from this type of disease then as soon as possible consult with our specialists for Amblyopia Treatment in India.

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Causes of Amblyopia Disease 

Amblyopia or the lazy eye is a genetic disorder. The primary causes responsible for this condition are

  •  Poor alignment of the eyes
  • The difference in the shape of the two eyeballs
  • One vision being farsighted, and the other being nearsighted

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What are the Symptoms of a Lazy Eye? 

Poor vision from one eye
Poor vision from one eye
Tilting of the neck
Tilting of the neck
Seeing squint in one eye
Seeing squint in one eye
Double Vision
Double Vision
  •  Poor visual acuity from one eye
  •  Weak pattern recognition
  • Squinting of one eye
  • Focusing on the objects by tilting the neck

We are here for a holistic approach and provide effective relief in all these symptoms with Ayurvedic Amblyopia Treatment in India. 

Complications of Lazy Eye Disease

Most of the patients want to get lazy eye treatment at home. But this decision is not a good and completely dangerous idea. Several complications are closely related to lazy eye disease:

  1.  Blindness: If overlooked for long, amblyopia can lead to complete blindness of the eye it affects. The loss is irreversible.
  2. Eye Turn: It can also result in permanent loss of alignment between the two eyes. The condition is known as Strabismus in the medical language.
  3. Central Vision: If it is not treated in childhood, the patient's central vision may remain undeveloped forever.

So all home treatments are dangerous kindly avoid these types of complications and take Ayurvedic Amblyopia Treatment in India, 100% natural and side-effects-free.
To avoid these complications, you need to consult with specialists for an ayurvedic cure for Amblyopia.

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Consult us Online for a Natural Cure for Amblyopia Disease 

We are here for your help; if you are suffering from amblyopia disease then consult now with our specialist. We make available an online facility for a consultation. We offer the best consultation facility to the patients so that they can consult their health problems online with us. We give you the best advice and cure for your amblyopia disease. Our specialists have years of experience in this field and they see many cases in this entire field, so they easily catch your disease and give you a natural and the best Ayurvedic cure for it. Our expert years of experience give satisfaction to many patients and they all are got permanent treatment for this disease. So if you are seeing any symptoms of it then consult now with us and take a natural Ayurvedic Amblyopia Treatment in India. 

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Lazy Eye Exercises & Lifestyle Changes by Our Experts 

The patient must follow a healthy lifestyle and diet recommendations along with Ayurvedic Amblyopia Treatment in India. Healthy foodstuffs that include green vegetables, nuts like almonds, fennel, raisins, and clarified butter (cow ghee) would help improve the vision quickly.
The use of junk food, unhealthy fast food, excessive fasting, and poor nourishment gives resistance to healing and should be discouraged. The extra use of electronic gadgets like TV, mobile phone, and computer with direct eyes is harmful to the affected eye's vision. The patient can use the devices to implement exercise with one eye patched.

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Why Choose Us to Effectively Treat Amblyopia

We are providing effective and permanent treatment for amblyopia disease. Our treatment is 100% natural and side-effects-free. Many patients take our Ayurvedic treatment and they get a permanent cure for their disease. We are highly known for the effective and natural treatment of amblyopia disease. We provide Ayurvedic treatment at the most affordable prices. If you are suffering from this amblyopia disease then don’t think too much about this disease needs effective treatment as soon as early and instant consult your problem with our experts. Get effective and affordable treatment at Prakash Netralaya. We are providing the best Amblyopia Treatment in India. 

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Success Stories of Ayurveda

Thousands have experienced relief after treatment at Prakash Nethralaya

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Frquently Asked Questions on Amblyopia

It's significant to begin treatment for the lazy eye as soon as possible in childhood when the complex connections between the eye and the brain are forming. The superlative results happen when the action starts previous to the age of 7.

Parents frequently have an intricate time identifying a lazy eye for the reason that the state generally develops in one eye, and may not present with a noticeable eye turn. Also, children generally learn how to overlook the lazy eye and reimburse by mainly relying on the eye-sight from the ‘good’ eye.

Specific tests are used during eye exams to evaluate both the visual acuteness, depth perception, and the visual skills of each eye— enabling your doctor to compose a diagnosis of a condition such as the lazy eye. Tests of visual skills let your doctor evaluate how well each eye is performing separately, and recognize an effective eye-brain correlation.

Here is available the best Ayurvedic treatment for lazy eye disease at the most affordable prices. This Ayurvedic cure is 100% natural and side-effects-free. The specialist of Amblyopia suggests the best way and cure for your eye state.

Why To Choose Ayurveda?

Looks for the Root Cause

The ayurvedic approach of disease looks for the root cause and not merely the symptoms. Ayurveda offers two ways of treatment; One is Shodhan, and the other is Shaman. Shodhan is complete detoxification of the body by Panchakarma therapies. Shaman is balancing the doshas by Ayurveda medicines, diet, and lifestyle changes. Ayurveda medicines always work better in a patient detoxified with Panchakarma.

Safe Medicines

Ayurveda medicines are processed most naturally and not in the synthetic and chemical form. For this reason, the herbs are soft on the body, and there is no risk of side effects even if the patient requires to take them for longer durations. The complete eradication of the root cause ensures the cure and prevents future health complications.

Holistic Approach

Ayurveda is not merely a medical science. Instead, it is a philosophical science too. The basic principles of Ayurveda consider an individual human a specific identity and hence his treatment. Ayurveda gives importance to the treatment of the patient rather than the treatment of the disease. Two patients of the same disease can have different treatments because of the difference in their body constitution.