Cone Dystrophy

Cone dystrophy is a condition of eyes in which the cone cells of retina are weakened progressively resulting in progressive loss of central vision, difficulty in identifying colors. This is generally a genetic disease and the child carries the seed of disease with birth itself.


  • Central scotoma
  • Nystagmus may be associated sometimes.
  • Color blindness.
  • Progressive loss of central vision.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Avoid bright light
  • Adopt healthy life style.
  • Do regular yoga and pranayama.
  • Vitamin A & C rich diets help to put a check on the progress of disease.

Home remedies.

20-30 ml amla juice daily morning mixed with 1 table spoon honey is a good anti oxidant and it helps to prevent the progress of disease.

Ayurvedic treatment of Cone Dystrophy

Basically cone dystrophy starts with vitiation of Pitta in eyes. In Ayurveda classics, it is defined as Pitta Vidagdha drushti. Virechana, thakradhara, tharpana helps in pacifying Pitta and to provide strength to vision. Regular maintenance of disease is required with Panchakarma netra kriya kalpas amd Ayurveda medicines. By adopting a 3600 approach, the disease can not only be controlled but vision also improves with reduction in symptoms.